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QUIZ: Which One Direction Album Are You Really?

QUIZ: Which One Direction Album Are You Really?

It’s November. Halloween is over, Christmas is around the corner, but this month feels oh so cold. Why? Because it’s another year without a One Direction album…

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In the span of their lifetime, there were five incredible One Direction albums that really saw the boys’ talents evolve into the incredible musicians they are today. They broke world records and outsold worldwide. They really were something. Oh, and they slapped.

While Niall, Louis, Liam, and Harry get on with their solo careers and we wait very patiently for the day they reunite and save the music industry, we’ve come up with this quiz to help you figure out which One Direction album you really are. And then, you know, you could listen to it all month and pretend it just came out. Or completely ignore your result and listen to your choice, we’re not gonna stop you.

So, which One Direction album did you get? Is it your favorite? Will you be listening to it on repeat? How are you coping with the 1D drought? Let us know your results and how you’re coping with this directionless November by dropping us a comment below or tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP while we listen to the entire One Direction album discography until further notice.

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