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Sweet Releases- New Bops From Stolen Gin, Yours and Iris!

Sweet Releases- New Bops From Stolen Gin, Yours and Iris!

We’re back at it again. There are so many great ‘Sweet Releases,’ we can’t stop sharing! So here are some of the standout bops of the week that we think you should check out…

‘Something Sweet’ – Stolen Gin

Image Source: Knitting Factory

Stolen Gin is a New York-based group that is full of students that have either graduated or are currently students at NYU. Talent AND smarts?? We have to stan! This rising band is dedicated to giving their fans a modern sound with a 70s twist.

They have recently released their debut EP ‘Something Sweet’ on Halloween which follows up on their three singles: ‘Red’, ‘Bowery’, and ‘Analie’. Their success will spread farther to areas farther than New York, as they have recently had a sold-out show at The Bitter End. If you’re stuck in 70s-80s era of music, or take a liking in R&B, Stolen Gin is a band is a must-listen! Click to listen to their EP here!

‘Summer is Bad’Yours

‘Summer is Bad’ according to a newcomer to the music scene, Yours. But their newest release is anything but! With a pop synth and edgy vocals, Yours has officially arrived. It may be Autumn here, but trust us – you want to check out ‘Summer is Bad’

Stars’ – Iris

For our next release, we have Iris— the pop/rock artist who has recently dropped a music video for her new single “Stars.” Despite the simplicity of the video, all is better with the beauty of the track. With her gorgeous vocals and soothing melody, Stars is a song that’ll sure get everyone’s flashlight phone in the air!

‘Come Away’Moonray

Image Source: Muddy Paw PR

With pop-synth electronic vibes and sweet overlapping vocals, this song is something you can easily hit play and lay back and relax to. Taking you to another realm of thoughts and daydreams it’s very pretty and very catchy! The fact that Moonray is newlyweds and that you can feel the blissful loving melody representative of there union is so sweet too!

Check them out here

‘PSA’ – Afterlife (Feat Ryo Kinoshita)

If you like metalcore, “PSA” is what you’ve been waiting for. Trust us!!

After Life has featured Crystal Lake’s Ryo Kinoshita on the remake of one of their fan favorites and you won’t be disappointed in the end result!

‘Boys Don’t Cry’Lizzy Farrall

Have you ever wanted to live that one teen movie montage moment? You know the one where the main character stares through a rainy window, sad and alone, unaware that the love interest is doing the same thing across town? That is “Boys Don’t Cry” by Lizzy Farrall in a nutshell. Listen, cry with us, but remember – there’s still 20 minutes left to the movie. Plenty of time for a happy ending!

‘Get Up’Terrell Hines

What does Beck, Apple and The Honey POP have in common? We’re all obsessed with Terrell Hines, that’s what. A fresh face, definitely on the rise, Terrell enters our list this week with his song ‘Get Up’.
“Feet don’t fail me now //Move without a sound //The shadow of a doubt //We see it from the underground”

We agree, Terrell. We don’t want our feet to fail us — and they haven’t so far, they just haven’t stopped moving since your song got stuck in our heads!

‘Dakota’ & ‘Famous’Between You & Me

Between You & Me have rereleased both ‘Dakota’ and ‘Famous’ and it really doesn’t matter which song you add to your playlist (we recommend both tbh), you’re going to enjoy it! Catch Between You & Me on tour alongside With Confidence, Seaway, & Doll Skin!

‘Freaks’Lotus Eater, With Freddie Sunshine

Lotus Eater and Freddy Sunshine have teamed up for this track ‘Freaks’. The screamo paired with the vocals of Freddie and the insane rhythms and beat drop already have my imagination taking me back to my favorite place to be. That’s right, the mosh pit! I can easily see myself there losing my mind to this track- my only negative the track finished too soon!

Oh well, time to hit repeat I guess!

‘Love Songs For The Lonely’A Thousand Lights

A Thousand Lights have debuted the video for the track ‘Love Songs For The Lonely’ by the same name which is also out today!

Honestly, this song is INCREDIBLE!

Pure rock at its finest, catchy riff and, beautiful lyrics; I can already imagine myself at an A Thousand Nights show dancing and singing along at the same time. Highly recommend checking this band out you will NOT be disappointed!

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Rivers Run Dry’Harloe

This stripped-back acoustic version is simplistically pure, blissful and beautiful all at once. Harloe’s vocals are incredible and moving to listen to you can feel the sincerity in her words.

Remind You’ (Vacation Version)Frenship

Trading their usual pop synth vibes for a more stripped back melancholic vibe on their new EP available to listen to today. Duo Frenship has added 4 re-imagined tracks from their debut works to this EP. Having heard ‘Remind You’ I am here to remind YOU to check this out. It is such a relaxing easy listen, instrumentally pulled back I prefer the vacation version more. I purely focused on the words of the song in this version and can truly appreciate the lyrical wonder that this song contains.

‘Anywhere Is Everywhere’Hello Forever

This track has serious summer vibes and honestly with the cold of the fall coming in I needed this. To close my eyes and take me back to the warm of the summer! This upbeat track with its fun rhythm and backings of ‘Sha-la-las’ is just what I needed. It is uplifting and refreshing!

So, which of these Sweet Releases are you hyped over right now? Have you found a new fave? Tell all in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

Need even more Sweet Release(s)? Check out this week’s Fresh Music Friday!

Featured Image Source: Courtesy of the artists

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