Frank Ocean Surprises Fans With ‘In My Room’ And It’s Freaking LIT.

SURPRISE! Frank Ocean has given us another surprise drop! About a week and a half ago, he released his single ‘DHL’, which could possibly be featured on his upcoming album. Now, on November 2nd, he dropped ‘In My Room’, and we both know this it’s a bop.

Check out the lyric video for the song below…

Many Frank Ocean fans have been freaking out, considering he just dropped a single only a week ago. Can we blame them, though? Of course not – Frank Ocean does not make many appearances. Here are our some of our favorite reactions:

Could we be getting a 17-track project sooner than next year?

Here’s how WE KNOW there’s an album coming.

We’ve also figured out something else in regards to his cover art. If you take a look at the small silhouettes at the bottom of the cover art for ‘DHL’ and ‘In My Room’, you’ll see they correspond to the poses he does.

Cover art for ‘DHL’ via Twitter
Cover art for ‘In My Room’ via Twitter

If the silhouettes mock the poses he does in cover art, then that means each of them represent singles. If you count all of them up, you’ll see that there are 17 of them below. Therefore, he is either releasing 17 singles, or he is releasing an album (most likely the album option). WE’RE NOT FANGIRLING, YOU GUYS ARE.

Although the images aren’t in the same exact order, the theory still makes sense, right?

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What do you guys think? Is the song a certified banger? Is Frank Ocean really hinting us about his third album? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

‘In My Room’ is available now on Apple Music. Be sure to keep checking Spotify for the single!

For More Information on Frank Ocean:

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Header Image: via GQ

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