J. Cole For 2020: Release Date For ‘The Fall Off’ And We’re Not Okay.

J. Cole For 2020: Release Date For ‘The Fall Off’ And We’re Not Okay.

J. Cole has big things planned for 2020, and let us just say, we are absolutely living for it. On November 1st at the ‘Day n Vegas Festival,’ J Cole made a special announcement on the release of his upcoming album ‘The Fall Off.’ During his performance, he released a “campaign video” to make the announcement. Now, we knew ‘The Fall Off’ would be the next possible album, as the last track on ‘KOD’ is titled ‘1985 (Intro to “The Fall Off”)’ (which is fire, by the way).

Check out his satire of typical campaign videos in the tweet below!

The video sounds pretty convincing, right? As the video states, “We need someone with bold ideas and bold solutions– an expert in diplomacy. A candidate who can heal the inter-generational war”. There is only one answer. Guess we better show out on election day to vote The Fall Off for 2020.

Two years in the making.

As far as information on the ‘The Fall Off’, J. Cole announced in his 2018 interview with Angie Martinez that his previous singles ‘Everybody Dies’ and ‘False Prophets’ will be featured on the project. It has been two years since the reveal of ‘The Fall Off’ and he has been working on it up until now!

We applaud J Cole for his creative idea, and we know for a fact that ‘The Fall Off’ will be added to the list of platinum albums without any features. How he does it? We don’t know. He’s just the G.O.A.T, and you can’t prove us otherwise!

How do you all feel about the announcement? Do you think this will complete 2020? Whatever it is, let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!


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