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Telltale Releases New Single “Breathe”

Telltale Releases New Single “Breathe”


Bringing you hard-hitting angst, pop-punk band Telltale recently released their brand new single “Breathe.” For most, the expectation of a track with this title is calming melodies and reassuring lyrics, but this Richmond, VA quartet completely flips that expectation on its head.

With lyrics full of anger and a backing track that matches the heat of the heightened emotions, “Breathe” comes in fast and gives its listeners a cathartic release for all that pent up negative energy. It’s the perfect song to scream along to and it’s bound to go off during live-shows, creating the prime setting for moshing and crowd-surfing.

Reminding all of us where our love for this scene came from, Telltale doesn’t hold back with this single and we’re absolutely living for it. An excellent display of good going toxic and overwhelming emotions bubbling up, “Breathe” is the next great addition to your favorite angsty playlist.

When I breathe in
I feel the weight crushing on my chest
‘Cause everyone already knows, already knows
You’ll never grow, you’ll never grow, you’ll never grow
They keep telling me to give you the time to change
But time can’t heal everything

Telltale | “Breathe”

Check out our interview with the band below!


First of all, let me say congratulations. You’ve just released a brand new single, “Breathe” How are you feeling?
We’re feeling pretty good! The reception to this track has been really awesome and we’re excited that so many people are listening and talking about it. 

Can we talk about this single? What’s the story behind it, your inspiration?
In the angriest moments of early 2018, Breathe was written as a scathing jab at someone I once loved. At that point nearly two years ago, this song meant something specific but now it’s just a song to listen to while screaming obscenities into your pillow. For a long time, I debated fighting to bury this song but that wouldn’t do justice to the emotional growth this past year has shown all of us in the band. Through creating Breathe, we learned that life is a journey of addressing negative emotions, harnessing them into art and ultimately letting them go.

What did the writing process for “Breathe” look like and did it differ from the process of writing your previous songs and bodies of work?
Breathe was actually a part of the “Timeless Youth” recording session. It took on the same process as all of our music from that time. We collaborate very heavily with each other in every aspect of writing and this one actually took a bit more than some of the others. We wanted to convey how we were feeling in hopes of being able to have others relate to the emotions in this track. 

What was the most challenging part of creating this track?
The hardest part was capturing the energy and intensity in both the music and lyrics that we wanted to convey throughout the song.

You just completed a headlining tour, how was that? It looked like a lot of fun! What was your favorite moment?
We always have a great time on tour and this one was no exception. We were really excited to get to go back to Canada on this run and play at Blackout Festival. Seeing so many people in another country connecting with our music and singing along to our songs was really special.

You’ll be ending this year with a hometown show where you plan to play through your EP Timeless Youth in its entirety. Are you also planning to play some of your newer songs, like this single “Breathe” during that show?
We can’t wait to play our entire EP at home in Richmond. We should have time for one or two more tracks and with the energy Breathe has we are excited to play this one at home for the first time. 

Which track off Timeless Youth are you most excited to play for everyone?
We’d have to say Hereditary. It’s the one track off the EP that we’ve never played live so it’ll be extremely special for us to debut that track

Throughout your time as a band, what is the best piece of advice you’ve received and who did it come from?
Perception is Reality, as famously stated by our manager Sal Torres

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If you had to give a different bit of advice to give to others wanting to begin this journey of being in a band and creating music, what would you tell them?
Just have fun with it, stay true to yourself, and make art that you’re happy with.

You have a little bit of time right now where you’re not touring or playing shows. What is your preferred thing to do in these moments?
We love being on tour but when we’re home it gives us a chance to get back to work. A lot of people have a misconception about what musicians do when they’re at home. Some think they can just sit around and hang out until the next tour, but the reality is we’re people just like everyone else. We’ve got bills to pay, food to buy and activities we enjoy doing unrelated to the band. When we’re home, we’re all working to be able to afford the next tour. 

Finally, what is the one thing you want new listeners and fans to know about Telltale?
We’re just normal people that play music. We really appreciate that so many people have been able to connect with our songs and we can’t wait to see everyone again in 2020.

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Images: Rob McKenney

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