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REVIEW: The Maine Brings ‘The Mirror’ to 9:30 Club In Washington D.C.

REVIEW: The Maine Brings ‘The Mirror’ to 9:30 Club In Washington D.C.

The Maine is the band I have seen the most times. Seven, to be exact. When people find out this fact about me, they often question as to why.

“How can you see a band that many times? Doesn’t it get boring?”

The Maine
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No, it doesn’t get boring, because it’s The Maine. I know for sure that there are other fans who agree with me on that statement. I’ve heard of fans who have traveled to different countries to see The Maine and have been to at least 100 shows, which makes my seven shows look like nothing in comparison.

Each album era of The Maine is different from the last, which is what makes us fans come back to more shows, sometimes even going to multiple a year. Last year alone, I went to three shows. This year, even though I could only go to one show on November 1stat the 9:30 Club in Washington D.C., I found that in all of my times of seeing The Maine, ‘The Mirror’ tour was hands down the best show I’ve seen, and here’s why.

The Maine isn’t a band that is known for production on tours. Usually, the most they use for “production” is a backdrop. Some of my favorites from past tours were the blue “You are listening to a band called The Maine” and the red backdrop with a white rose. But the ‘The Mirror’ tour was different.

Not only was there a photo booth and a separate backdrop in the back of 9:30 Club for fans to take pictures together, but the band also had an LED screen during their set that would change colors and show lyrics to correspond to different songs. The rectangular screen is a parallel to the “You Are Ok” album cover, where there is a female in a desert in front of a rectangular mirror. If you had told me that the stage would have looked like this five years ago, I would not have believed you. After being a band for 12 years, The Maine still are able to grow and improve their craft, and I am happy to be along for the ride.

The band played a hour and a half set medley of songs from all of their full-length albums, with fan favorites such as ‘Like We Did (Windows Down)’, ‘Inside of You’, ‘Am I Pretty?’, ‘How Do You Feel?’, ‘F***** Up Kids’, ‘I Must Be Dreaming’, and ‘Flowers on The Grave’. All of these songs mentioned are from different albums, and The Maine was able to perfectly intertwine each album era alongside their newest release ‘You Are Ok’, which was released this past March.

But my favorite moment had to be when singer John O’ Callaghan snuck through the crowd (still am unsure how he did it) to the back of the venue to sing with a guitar in hand a favorite among fans, ‘(Un)Lost’. After the bridge of the song, he brought up a fan, who wore a shirt that was ‘You Are Ok Gold’ paying homage to the new record, to finish out the song with him. And I must say, that girl could sing.

That’s another thing—it seems that every show that I have been to an artist will play a meaningful, slow song or two, and there’s always that one person in the crowd that shouts “I love you!” or that one group of people that have a full-blown conversation. But that didn’t happen here.

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To me, that shows that you have made it as an artist, to captivate the whole room in the way that The Maine did that night. Everyone in the room knew every word to that song, and when there was a pause the room was silent, which was a beautiful thing to be a part of.

So, I ask you, why haven’t you seen The Maine yet? And if you have, why haven’t you seen them more than once? There’s still a chance for you to see them between now and early next year, so now is your time to see a band that has impacted mine and many other lives for the better. You can find more tour dates here. And remember, You Are Ok.

Are you a fan of The Maine? Let us know your favorite song by them down in the comments below or tweeting us at @TheHoneyPOP!

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