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The Sweet Releases That We Have On Repeat!

The Sweet Releases That We Have On Repeat!

We at The Honey Pop are back at it again! We just can’t help it, there is so much good music being released at the moment! So here are the hot picks for Sweet Releases that if you haven’t heard yet, you need in your life!

Twin XL- ‘Messy’

Twin XL is bringing something fresh and new to the alt-pop genre with their new single ‘Messy’. The band says the song is, “About being caught in a cycle of anxiety and disrepair and ultimately trying to get better not only for yourself but also for the people who mean the most to you.” One thing is for sure, the lyrics hit deep but the music makes you want to dance it out. Check this song out and catch the band on tour with The Maine before the year is over.

Jutes- ‘Sideshow’

Jutes is on our list with his new release “Sideshow,” and trust us – it’s a real head Bopper. Jutes has stated that the song is based on “Knowing something or someone is killing you but being powerless to it.” Who knew toxic relationships could sound so good?

Flight Club- ‘Discount Drugs’

The first rule of Flight Club is you tell everyone about their new single ‘Discount Drugs.’ We’ve always wanted to belong, so let us tell you about it now. It’s fun, folks, and reminiscent of everything you love about classic rock. You can clearly hear the Black Sabbath influence in this five-piece and we’re thrilled.

Young Bombs Ft. Aloe Blacc- ‘Better Day’

Young Bombs joins us on our list this week with their single “Better Day” featuring Aloe Blacc. This is a new favourite for the team here at THP. We’ve listened to it all morning in the office and it just gets better with every replay. This song makes you feel good, and in a world of bad news, it’s really refreshing. Trust us, one listen and this will make it to your permanent playlists.

Introvert- ‘Somewhere Else’

Introvert is a fun addition to our list this week with “Somewhere Else.” The band is a new face in the punk scene, forming in 2015 and creating the type of music that causes fans across multiple genres to take notice of the catchy hooks and relevant lyrics. Check them out, and you’ll be wishing there were right here where you can catch them on tour no matter what the song title says.

Swimwear Department- ‘At The Pool’

Splish! Splash! We’re hitting the pool with Swimwear Department, and trust us when we tell you this is the only swimwear department that doesn’t make us want to cry and go home with a pint of ice cream. This is one of the most fun songs we’ve heard since Beck hit the scene with ‘Loser,’ and you’re not going to want to miss giving it an add to your playlist!

The Bad Bees- ‘The Time It Takes’

Image Source: Muzak

You know, in ‘The Time It Takes’ to read this, you could have streamed the song by now. And you don’t want to miss it. The Bad Bees are on our list this week, and we’re not biased by the name, I swear! ‘The Time It Takes’ is a mellow ballad with a slow build that you’ll find humming to yourself long after the song ends.

Crownz- ‘Away’

Crownz new song ‘Away’ is a certified bop! Word on the street is that a music video for the song is dropping on November 12th, and we can’t wait. This is the dance around your bedroom and sing along at the top of your lungs song that everyone needs!

Chianne- ‘Flames’

We’ve added Chianne this week with her new single ‘Flames.’ With angelic voices, Chianne is the full package and her music video shows only a fraction of that. A self-professed “conscious pop” artist, she’s not one you want to skip. Enjoy ‘Flames.’ It’s 🔥

The Suffers- ‘Everything Here’

The Suffers have released a new music video for ‘Everything Here,’ and … well … not to be punny, but it’s everything. We love songs that tell a story and this one definitely does. And the vocals are – have we said everything yet? They’re so rich and filled with the kind of emotion that is often missing from today’s music. The Suffers are new faves and if you give them a listen, they’ll be your new faves, too.

See Also

Yearbooks- ‘Stepping Stones’

Yearbooks new single ‘Stepping stones’ combines a heavy background of electric guitars and drums with an important message about mental health and the effects of anxiety and depression on your loved ones. As well as being a very relatable song, it is definitely a song your gonna wanna headbang along to. It has all the signs of an anthem in the making!

Counterparts-‘Nothing Left To Love’

Image Source: Stereogum

We’ve talked about Counterparts before here, but the album is here and it’s so good it’s worthy of a second mention. ‘Nothing Left To Love’ is here and gives you so much to love in all honesty.

Red Death- ‘Sickness Divine’

‘Sickness Divine’ is the new release from Red Death and they’re on our list this week for all of the metalheads out there! With heavy guitar, these rockers will scream their way right onto your favorites playlist in no time!

Swavay- ‘Pure Rack’ EP

Swavay’s on our list this week with an entire EP, ‘Pure Pack!’ The complete track-list starts with ‘Dog Food,’ followed by ‘Hood Dreams,’ and ending with ‘Better.’ If you like undiscovered rap, give Swavay a listen! Available on all platforms, you can stream it here

What did you think of our picks today? Anything we haven’t mentioned you think we should check out? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @ The Honey Pop

Featured Image Source: Courtesy Of The Artist.

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