Listen, Karen. This Is About Kevin Jonas

Listen, Karen. This Is About Kevin Jonas

Like everyone with sweat glands, those of us at The Honey POP absolutely love the Jonas Brothers. And, thinking about it, everyone without sweat glands probably loves the Jonas Brothers, too. And they probably smell better. The insane vocals of Joe Jonas? Check. The mad songwriting skills of Nick Jonas? Check. The slick guitar skills of Kevin Jonas? CHECK.

Unlike everyone with and without sweat glands, though, we have access to create cool quizzes. And we decided to celebrate that by making a quiz about our favorite big brother, Kevin.

Kevin is famous for his expressive faces like we’re famous for sweating. (Stop judging us???) So, it only makes sense that we present you with a quiz that’ll tell you which version of Kevin you are. So, what are you waiting for? Which Kevin are you? Pick a sofa and figure it out.

So what did you get? Besides a rockin’ new living room, that is. Tweet us or comment here and let us know! We’re dying to kick our shoes off and join you on that new couch of yours for a Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream marathon.

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To learn more about Jonas Brothers:
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To learn more about Kevin Jonas:
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Header Image: Kevin Jonas on Twitter

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