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KSI & Logan Paul Fight Is Quickly Approaching! Who Are You Backing?

KSI & Logan Paul Fight Is Quickly Approaching! Who Are You Backing?

If you are a lover YouTube like I am, odds are you have heard of KSI & Logan Paul.

Both YouTubers have a massive following not just on their channels but across all social medias. With massive loyal fan bases.

Image Source: TalkSport

Last year saw them fight with headguards in an amateur battle in Manchester with it ending in a disappointing draw. This was devastating for each of them and their fans. With both sides feeling deserving of taking the win.

Logan definitely had the first three rounds but KSI’s training and experience prevailed and he came back strong in the final three rounds that resulted in the overall tie.

This year though, at the Staples Center both men have turned professional and will be fighting in a pro-boxing fight with 10oz gloves. For 6 3-minute rounds.

It is highly speculated that there will be a knockout, odd’s wise with Logan being the betting man’s favorite while KSI has been classed as the underdog officially. His strong loyal fan base and trainers are confident he has what it takes to secure a win.

Both fighters have 100% confidence they will be the winner… which makes the build-up to this even more intense for me.

No matter what side you are on this fight will be seen by millions and will easily be the biggest transition YouTube has made into mainstream media yet.

Airing on DAZN and Sky Sports Boxing which will be pay per view will you be watching?

A lot of hardcore boxing fans are not impressed with the transition of these YouTubers to the professional platform. However, from my point of view this is going to bring many more fans to a sport and I support that!

Who do you think will win? And who’s side are you on?

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Tickets are still available and can be purchased here

Who do you think is going to win? Will you be attending the match or watching at home? Tweet us @TheHoneyPop and let us know!

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