Time to Sing Twin XL’s Messy at Your Next Karaoke Night!

Time to Sing Twin XL’s Messy at Your Next Karaoke Night!

Hi, hello, we are back and so is Twin XL! So we’re here to remind you just how amazing their most recent single “Messy” is and in hopes that you’ll join us in our excitement over the release of their brand new lyric video for the track!

We all know how difficult it can be learning the lyrics to a new song when all you have access to is the audio. It’s the exact reason cassette tapes and CDs come with lyric booklets. The modern-day version of that is lyric videos and Twin XL does not disappoint!

With a backdrop of the track’s album artwork and pure white font, it’s a simple but effective way to get the job done.

Check out the lyric video for “Messy” now!

So now that you’ve read through the official lyrics, what is your favorite line? We’re loving and seriously relating to “I lay awake and try to tell myself a story, but even all my fantasies are pretty f*cking boring.” Share yours down below!

Last week we did an exclusive interview with Cameron Walker-Wright of Twin XL, regarding the new single. You can check it out here!

Also, check out how sweet these guys are! Honestly? Here for a band that appreciates everyone around them.

Thankful to be part of the Twin XL family!

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Featured Image Source: Kay Blaisdell

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