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KPOP Stans Aren’t Best Pleased With Simon Cowell Right Now – Here’s Why

KPOP Stans Aren’t Best Pleased With Simon Cowell Right Now – Here’s Why

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Ooop. What a rollercoaster of a few days Mr Simon Cowell has had. First of all, he had to scrap his new show ‘The X Factor: All-Stars’ at the last minute due to contestants dropping like flies. Then, he goes and announces a new show to rival Little Mix’s new talent show and now he’s gone and rubbed KPOP stans the wrong way. Yikes!

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In a new video to call upon solo-artists to apply for ‘The X Factor: The Band’, Simon goes on to end the video saying: “Right now, KPOP you could argue is ruling the world. Now it’s time for UKPOP.” Sorry, what?

Oh, Simon. I wouldn’t have done that if I were you…

Of course, KPOP stans are extremely passionate and also pretty damn protective over their idols, so it’s no surprise that they hit back at the music mogul for trying it.

Some called him out for making such a ridiculous remark…

Others decided to make a meme of the whole thing…

And then there were some who just promoted who they stan under the original tweet, which is the typical response to anyone trying to come for the KPOP kingdom.

What was pretty powerful, though, was when KPOP stans stood up for Little Mix following their falling out which caused them to leave Simon’s record label.

Listen, Simon definitely has had a lot of success in the industry, we know that. But, to try and wipe out an entire genre who is successful… that ain’t it, Si.

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Also, did he forget he contributed a massive amount to UK-POP which has always been referred to as BritPOP? Maybe he’s in denial of a little thing called One Direction who are currently on hiatus after taking the world by storm for five years. But that’s not all, BritPOP has been around for years. Decades even. You all know The Beatles, Queen, Oasis, Elton John, George Michael, Spice Girls, for decades and decades, still to this day, we have always had BritPOP. It’s nothing new and rebranding the name won’t make it something different. KPOP dominating the western world is massive, it’s a new age and we shouldn’t try to tear it down because it’s thriving. Sorry, Simon, but it’s a no from us.

What do you think – are you here for UKPOP? Will you be tuning into ‘The X Factor: The Band’ or will you be on the side of KPOP stans and Mixers uniting to support ‘Little Mix: The Search‘? Sound off in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

To learn more about The X Factor: The Band:

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  • Simon is a fucking idiot. He doesn’t get to dismiss K-POP like “okay thanks, but move now” when they never gave these acts a real chance because they felt threatened by them and still capitalize on the kpop hype!!!!

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