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We’re ‘Manic’ Over Halsey’s Berlin Showcase

We’re ‘Manic’ Over Halsey’s Berlin Showcase

Halsey completely adores her fans and that once again showed when she promoted her album “Manic” during her secret acoustic showcase in Berlin.

Ashley has just performed at the EMA music awards and is constantly on the move to show her appreciation and devotion for her fans.

She exclusively performed three songs for the 60 fans in attendance and there may have been some serious album talk happening in between the songs. As well as during the Q&A session afterwards, when she answered fan questions.

You have no idea just how manic this album is

Ashley performed her three hits “Without Me”, “Graveyard” and “Nightmare” during the showcase

Through the acoustic performance the songs were given a new and different meaning. The room was mostly quiet, so you could really appreciate her amazing effortless vocals.

Video Source: The Honey Pop

In between the songs, Ashley kept telling small anecdotes about each one, and kept teasing us fans about her yet to be released album “Manic”.

I was thinking I would start the night very chill. Ease you into it. So we’re starting with nightmare.

Fans also got to experience Nightmare as it was originally supposed to be – as a dramatic poem telling.

Audio: The Honey Pop

During the showcase Halsey also told the story of her brother tearing up during one of her more upbeat songs on the upcoming album. The reason? Because she sounds just like his sister (Please let us be emo about this for a second).

That’s your fucking life – don’t play around with that because you want someone’s approval

Ashley also made sure to keep the topics lighthearted — especially when talking about her new album.

Video Source: The Honey Pop

After Halsey performed her songs at the showcase she answered a few more fan questions:

What can we expect from the Manic tour? Can you tell us something about it?

It’s the first time I’m getting to bring my full production to Europe which is really exciting. I know it must be really hard to be an international fan of an artist who is from another country. ‘Cause you sit at home and watch all these pictures and videos online. And you’re like “When the fuck are we gonna get that tour?”.

And I will say, EVERY artist wants to bring you that tour. But sometimes it can be difficult to get these things obviously over the giant fucking ocean in between us. But this time, you know, I really didn’t want to do the tour unless I could bring the whole setup. So, you guys gonna get the stage, all the exciting things. And I have you to thank for that though. Because part of the reason I get to bring it is because you’ve bought so many fucking tickets that I get to play a huge room and fit the big stage in it.

I will say, I made Manic to be an album that is meant to be heard live. It’s been written live and this might be the only tour I will ever play it. So if you’re at the show then you will get to see and I haven’t decided yet if i’m going to play this album ever again. Maybe I’ll fall in love with performing it and I change my mind – which I’ve been known to do. Don’t hold me accountable for anything I say

If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?

Just one? Just one thing? You know, I wish, I would love if humans could see beyond what is right in front of them. If they could see what their neighbor is experiencing or going through. If we could go inside each other bodies and feel what other people are feeling I think this world would be a really different place. For a lot of different reasons. Old people would care more about saving the fucking planet because they could go inside one of our bodies and feel our fear and anxiety about growing older and wanting to be somewhere fucking livable.

I think there would be far less discrimination. Because part of what we hate is what we don’t understand. Because when we don’t understand something, we become afraid of it. And when we don’t want to acknowledge that fear, we turn it into hate. So if we could all just see how the other is feeling, then maybe we would be in a different place in this world.

Everything changes so much on this record

How do you come up with all these great visuals for the tour?

I experience this thing called synesthesia. I associate sounds with colors. I’ve always been this way. And if you’re a fan of me, then you know this. Because that’s why the albums have concepts in the way that they do. So I go through the set-list and be like: Okay, Bad At Love – that song is pink, yellow and orange. Is there somewhere is sea-foam green and turquoise- but not lime green. Hurricane, that song is white and purple and black. Maybe pink sometimes – no orange. That’s kinda like how I feel the songs and then I get like images. Or a lot of my songs are inspired by movies as well initially, so it kinda becomes easier to choose what visuals I add them to.

On the last tour I was really fucking annoying. I wrote out exactly what I wanted all the visuals to every song to be. And some of them just got so ridiculous. We were doing If Walls Could Talk and I was like: I want it to be like a Hawaiian shirt. And everyone was like “Why?”. Leonardo DiCaprio – Romeo and Juliet. And there were like “Okay” – but not just a normal Hawaiian shirt – I want it to be black and flowing in the wind. Like someone left it behind.

And that’s when I become the artist like “Are you fucking kidding me?”. That’s when people start not wanting to work with me anymore. I’m still just as specific – I’m just really nice about it now

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What advice would you give your 12-year old self?

Well, I would start by saying: Don’t get a fucking MySpace. Don’t. That’s the first thing I would say. Because it’s gonna take you into a world full of embarrassing fashion choices. That you’re gonna make and regret sincerely. I would say: When you turn 14 and you start dating that older guy. It’s not because you’re mature – it’s cause he’s an asshole.

I would say: Be nice to your teachers because they just want what’s best for you. And they think you’re smart and want you to apply yourself. I would say: stay a vegetarian. I would say: DON’T cut your own hair. Don’t fucking do it. You don’t know what you’re doing yet. Don’t cut your own hair. Don’t try to pierce your own nose. Don’t start smoking cigarettes.

But keep writing music and keep making art. Keep believing in yourself. And in a couple of years, one of your friends is gonna tell you to watch a TV show that you should definitely start watching because it will pay off down the line.

I hope I sound exactly like the person you believe me to be. Cause I’ve tried very hard to be true and to be honest – unless you think I’m good at sports because I’m not. So keep the expectations for that pretty low.

Ashley’s album Manic is set to release on January 17th and you can pre-order it here.

She has already announced her EU tour dates and you buy them here. Where you might also catch Manic for the last time.

What do you think about all the new information we have on Manic? Would you love to join an Halsey showcase like this? Let us know what you love about it in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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