Lil Miquela Hops On Lauv’s ‘Sims’ to Give it a Lit Remix

Lil Miquela Hops On Lauv’s ‘Sims’ to Give it a Lit Remix

Our girl Lil Miquela is truly making 2019 her year. From rubbing shoulders with famous faces in Coachella to releasing some pretty dope music of her own. Now, she’s hopped on Lauv‘s new single ‘Sims’ to give it a bit of a remix.

Lil Miquela
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Conspiracies around Miquela include the fact that she is a Sim herself, with many people in the early days believing she was created by EA to promote the video game’s new releases. But with that just being a theory, Miquela takes this as a bit of a compliment and also jokes about being a real-life Sim, so her hopping on this track was genius.

Miquela offers her futuristic digital vocals which give this track a new lease of life as it turns into a duet, making it perfect for you to sing along with your friends in the car – one of you can sing Lauv’s lines while the other sings Miquela’s!

The track goes on about how they wished that they were characters in the popular life simulation game to be able to let their dream love life flourish rather than being stuck in reality.

Lil Miquela Lauv Sims Remix
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Check out the remix below …

Okay, this is a whole ass bop and we’re living for it!

Are you loving Lil Miquela’s revamp of Lauv’s new single? Are you ready to stan? Let us know what you’re thinking in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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