What We Learned From All Time Low’s ‘It’s Still Nothing Personal Documentary’

What We Learned From All Time Low’s ‘It’s Still Nothing Personal Documentary’

All Time Low has had a calmer year than usual. Instead of writing, releasing, and touring a new album they decided to play a few festivals, support friends, 5 Seconds of Summer, with their inaugural Friends of Friends show, and waded their way into the world of side gigs. Despite not being as active as they have in years past, All Time Low still wanted to acknowledge the 10-year anniversary of their second full-length album Nothing Personal. To celebrate, the band re-recorded the album and created a short It’s Nothing Personal documentary exploring what it was like recording the album 10 years ago.

The documentary is available via YouTube but if you don’t have time to sit and watch, The Honey Pop has got you covered. Here’s what we learned from All Time Low’s It’s Still Nothing Personal documentary.

Nothing Personal‘s title track “Weightless” was born out of writer’s block.

Yep, fan-favorite and All Time Low stable “Weightless” wasn’t an easy song for the band to write. Alex admits he didn’t know what to write about and wasn’t even sure if he liked how the song was sounding. Enter Matt Squire, one of the producer’s on Nothing Personal, who pushed Alex to “actually say something with this song.” Alex came up with the lyric “maybe it’s not my weekend, but it’s going to be my year” which perfectly captured the feeling of being stuck and wanting to do better.

Thank goodness they figured it out. We couldn’t imagine All Time Low without “Weightless.” Neither could Rian who admits that he still loves playing “Weightless” live even 10 years later.

Jack loves to see how a song will translate live.

Jack thinks about the live version of their songs a lot. In fact, he admits in All Time Low’s It’s Still Nothing Personal documentary that when they’re writing and recording a new song the most pressing thing on his mind is how the song will sound live. Jack loves high energy songs that get the crowds involved which is why “Break Your Little Heart” and “Lost in the Stereo” are his favorite.

Speaking of “Lost in the Stereo,” Jack is the song’s number one advocate.

Alex says, “Lost in Stereo has become a stable in [their] sets over the years. I feel like that one very rarely leaves the setlist, right? Because of Jack.” Jack response saying it brings great energy to the crowds. We’re definitely sensing a theme here with Jack.

All Time Low’s super stans might remember this fact but it was new to us. When Nothing Personal dropped 10-years-ago, All Time Low played 3 shows in 3 different cities across the US on release day.

The band reminisces about the crazy day. They started the whirlwind day by playing in Virginia at midnight on the day the album released. Then, they flew to Chicago to play a show at Tinley Park at noon. They ended the day by playing a show in Anaheim, California at the Chain Reaction at 11 pm.

Rian takes a moment to point out that they did not charter a private jet for this event and instead flew South West. Could you imagine if one of their planes got delayed? We’re glad it didn’t happen!

Zack loved recording with David Bendeth, one of the producers of Nothing Personal.

Zack opens up saying Bendeth and him really bonded over the course of recording this album. Bendeth allowed Zack to explore different sounds and go “outside of the box” with things that weren’t standard to the pop-punk genre but ended up working for All Time Low.

Alex thinks “Too Much” is a cool song because it’s very “stream of consciousness.”

Alex says, the “lyrics and melodies for all the other songs on the record were very thought out and intentionally written.” That wasn’t the case with “Too Much.” Instead, “Too Much” was very much just feelings and thoughts that came to Alex’s mind while listening to the music.

Also fun fact, Alex and the producers had to track down guitars when it came to recording this song because the studio didn’t have any readily available.

“A Party Song” got its name because there was already a “The Party Song” but pop-punk legends Blink-182.

Rian jokes that he was annoyed with the name change claiming “The Party Song” was written by some “no namer.” Who knew pop-punk artists loved to party so much!

Alex admits that they never thought about how much their songs would mean to fans.

Alex goes on to say that they were just writing these songs for themselves and never imagined they could help others. He admits that fan-favorite “Therapy” has grown on him over the years because of how much it has meant to fans.

While recording “Stella” there was an earthquake that Jack didn’t feel because he was standing on a chair.

Jack is still mad about this, especially since he has yet to feel an earthquake.

The first time the band played “Weightless” live it was a nightmare.

Fall Out Boy invited All Time Low to tour with them once the album dropped. Night one of the tour was in Arizona and the band completely botched their performance of “Weightless.”

Rian remembers that he wasn’t warming up at the time and during the second verse he got a cramp in his right forearm so bad that he couldn’t even hold his drumstick.

Take it from Rian people, warm-ups are important!

Nothing Personal almost didn’t happen the way it did.

Alex reveals that they were almost moved to a mainstream label after their first album. There’s no telling what Nothing Personal would have sounded like if that’s the case. We’re glad the band stayed with Hopeless Records for this one!

You can watch All Time Low’s It’s Still Nothing Personal documentary below.

Don’t forget to also stream It’s Still Nothing Personal on Spotify.

So, that’s what we learned from All Time Low’s It’s Nothing Personal documentary. Did you know any of these facts? What did you think of the documentary? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @ThehoneyPOP!

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