Fans React To Purchasing Tickets To Harry Styles’ Fine Line Live: One Night Only Show

Fans React To Purchasing Tickets To Harry Styles’ Fine Line Live: One Night Only Show

It’s been a long week for Harry Styles stans. The former One Direction singer announced the release date of his highly anticipated second album Fine Line this week. In addition, Styles also announced a Harry Styles Fine Line Live: one night only show at The Forum in Los Angeles on December 13th.

Fans went wild and quickly pre-ordered the album to secure their pre-sale code. Harry stans are so hardcore they even cleared their schedules for Friday morning’s general sale, too. It’s a good thing they did because purchasing tickets proved to be a bit of a nightmare.

As a result of high demand, several fans got stuck in Ticketmaster’s queue for over 45 minutes before finding out that no tickets were available for the coveted Harry Styles Fine Line Live: One Night Only show. Fans took to Twitter to vent out their frustrations. Here are our favorite tweets from the past two days.

Fans were quick to place blame on scalpers.

Some fans chose to laugh about the reselling situation.

However, other fans turned on each other.

It seems like they have forgotten Harry’s motto: Treat People With Kindness.

Some fans brainstormed ways to get inside The Forum without a ticket.

A foolproof way to see the concert and earn merch money!

This fan made an excellent point.

And then, there were fans who embraced their clown status.

Meanwhile, others blamed Ticketmaster for clowning them.

One fan even suggested Harry take action.

Finally, there were the few who celebrated their golden ticket.

There’s no denying the dedication of Harry stans after today.

Did you participate today? How did the ticket sale go for you? Were you able to get tickets to Harry Styles Fine Line Live: One Night Only show? Are you going to buy them off Stubhub? Or will you be watching a fan live stream of the show from home? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPOP!

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