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Sweet Releases: 8 November 2019

Sweet Releases: 8 November 2019

Sweet Releases

We’re baaaaack! Our weeks get sweeter with each new release and since our last installment, we’ve found more incredible tunes that you’re going to want on your playlist! Check out this week’s Sweet Releases!

So, grab a snack, pop in your ear buds, and get ready for heart eyes all weekend long with certified bops to get you through! 😍

Dana Rexx: Time Flies ft. Tommy Denander

Dana Rexx has released ‘Time Flies’ as a guitar edit with Tommy Denander. Dana’s effortlessly amazing vocals paired with Tommy’s guitar skills are truly mind-blowing. This is rapidly becoming one of our favorite songs. It’s strong, bold and so incredible. You need this song in your life!

Best Ex: Bad Love

‘Bad Love’ by newly named Best Ex (formerly known as Candy Hearts is a track you need to hear when you need to escape your mind. It’s an easy listen that takes you to another place. The chorus is unifying in its relatability and the vocals are stunning. A must listen!

Limbs: Stare

Hardcore band Limbs have recently released ‘Stare.’ Speaking about the track, lead vocalist Austin says, “‘Stare’ was written and based on honest self-reflection. It resonates with fear and the burdens related to loving and losing. It talks of being haunted by prior actions and carrying a perpetual sense of personal destruction as a result. To love means to [eventually] lose…in any capacity.” And with incredible scream-o vocals mixed with hard-hitting rock vocals, this track truly displays Limbs’ authentic hardcore roots. With incredible instrumentals this track will go off live!

Output 1:1:1: Retroactive Rock Record (EP)

Output 1:1:1 has created something truly unique here with ‘Retroactive Rock Record.’ The EP opens with what can only be described as truly beautiful, but haunting vocals. Instrumentally it builds slowly and takes you within the song, encompassing your emotions and making you feel a part of it. ‘Electrocution King’ is lyrically a THP favorite. But we also enjoy the beat and pace of ‘Black Jacket’ and how it changes midway. ‘Issue At Track Level’ & ‘The End Wave’ complete this collection of what you’ll find to be a truly enjoyable listen. Daniel Janvier has put a part of himself into these songs and you can truly tell.

The Warriors: Burn From The Lion

On November 6th, The Warrior’s debuted their single ‘Burn From The Lion’ from their upcoming album ‘Monomyth,’ due out Dec. 12th. If you enjoy heavy rock, this tune does not disappoint with its heavy guitars and drums and forceful strong head banging vocals.

Moonray: Come Away

You may have heard us speak about Moonray before and we are pleased to say we are back again with their newest track, ‘No Stranger To Love.’ The fact that this newlywed couple have shared the difficulties within a song and showing that time can be hard but true love will persevere is a wonderful message, and one that many of us can empathize with. This song gives hope to us all! If only we could make incredible music like Moonray as well, that would be EVERYTHING.

Walk Off The Earth: I’ll Be There

‘I’ll Be There’ is a slick, vibrant, wholesome, easy listen, so adding it to Sweet Releases this week was a no-brainer! A song of reassurance to let you know you are not alone. Walk Off The Earth will always be there for you! It’s an incredibly catchy fun song while also being sentimental and comforting at the same time!

Benee: Monsta

With this track (which was actually dropped in time for Halloween), Benee brings us ‘Monsta’ where she speaks about past fears of hers! “Thought I’d give you a spooky lil song for Halloween! I wrote it about a real fear I have of being taken in the night by someone outside my room…I’ve been loving a bunch of Arabic music lately, and in the studio when we were working on ‘Monsta’ I suggested we find a line which follows a similar double harmonic scale—which you don’t usually hear in Western music! I love the way that part has come out in the song.” Even though Halloween has passed us by, this song is definitely still worth a listen. The musical influences make this truly unique and Benee’s vocals are like silk and make you feel like she’s telling you a story.

The New Regime: Turning A Blind Eye

Prior to the release of their upcoming EP- set for release on November 22nd, The New Regime dropped ‘Turning A Blind Eye’ giving us a second glimpse into what we can expect from them. ‘Turning A Blind Eye’ has a great chorus and an honest raw quality. The slow build instrumental reflects the strength of their message — that they certainly will not be turning a blind eye anymore and we love it!

Gia Lily: Temporary Baby

This hidden gem was released a month ago. ‘Temporary Baby’ is still worth a mention on Sweet Releases, with Gia Lilly’s pretty and emotional vocals. The song displays her effortless storytelling and takes you on a journey. She is definitely an artist to keep an eye on with another release coming out on November 9th!

See Also

Chiq-Noir: The Blackout Bump

This duo Chiq Noir display some awesome pop synth vibes with their new track ‘The Blackout Bump.’ The song has a distinct pop vibe with an R&B tone. Layered with some really smooth guitar and a gentle beat, this release makes us want to hit the dance floor!

Bakers Eddy: On My Own

‘On My Own’ is one of our Sweet Releases this week, and it feels like it’s from a different era in the best possible way! With its anthemic vibes it has late 90’s early ’00’s feel. It’s fun and we presume it translates from the studio version to an amazing live performance with ease and flair!

Devon Gilfillian: Unchained

‘Unchained’ is a soulful feel good anthem for anyone who has struggled with setbacks in their lives, to empower them to reach their full potential. Devon Gilfillian’s voice is incredible. His soulfulness mixes effortlessly with an upbeat soundtrack to create the perfect uplifting song. It’s definitely a song you don’t wanna miss out on and it’s available now!

What do you think? Do you have a song on your list that we should add to ours? Drop a comment or tweet us @thehoneypop and let us know!

Want even more music? Check out more releases this week on Fresh Music Friday! Or check out more Sweet Releases: here.

Featured Image Source: THP Graphic Artist, Bilge Zeynep

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