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5 Up-and-Coming YouTubers You Should Be Watching!

5 Up-and-Coming YouTubers You Should Be Watching!

There are so many YouTubers you should be watching! I know life is busy and we don’t always have time to watch everything we want. But, I am here to give you some of my top picks for Youtubers I feel deserve a larger audience.

These are people I have followed for a long while and I hope you enjoy watching them as much as I do!

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Beauty Guru

Soph aka Sophdoesnails

Currently at 975,000 subscribers, Soph is doing well for herself but honestly, she should have more viewers! Everything from her Beauty product reviews, PR unboxings, Q & A’s to tales of her travels are a truly easy watch.

She is such a sweetie while remaining unbiased, frank and honest with her audience. Which I have to respect and honestly, her looks are to die for!

You can subscribe here

Beauty Drama Channel

Rich Lux

You may recognise Rich if you’re a Shane & Jeffree fan as he has featured in the current series ‘The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star’ However, by himself Rich has built a solid following in the Beauty Drama community keeping us up to date with all the need to know drama on the daily.

Rich is rocking ‘da house’ and his subscriber count is climbing! At the time of writing this, he stands at a respectable 462,000 but is deserving of so much more!

You can subscribe here

Storytime Teller

Hey Paris

Storytime YouTubers are vastly underrated in my opinion and Hey Paris tells stories based on her life experience like no other!

From her days working for Sephora to daily strange encounters with the public and fans. To the stress of organising her recent wedding. Paris can take you through her tale like you are there with her. From the stressful times to the hilarious moments her channel makes for a fun easy watch!

You can subscribe and join Paris’ 675,000 subscribers here

Commentary Channel


Fraser’s content is so addictive from his hilarious outlooks on some subjects through to exposing some of the crazy content some people think is acceptable. (When generally its really not) Has made him a firm favourite of mine.

I discovered his content when he appeared on Shane Dawson’s channel for ‘Inside The Mind Of Jake Paul’ and I have been hooked ever since. Oh, he also has the most adorable puppy Kenji who has more Instagram followers than I could ever dream of!

At 365,000 subscribers this guy truly deserves more recognition for his content and you can subscribe here

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All Round Favourite YouTuber

Peter Monn

Peter has five different channels and they are all entertaining. He is a true sweetheart and is full of positivity and perspective which is one of the many reasons I enjoy watching him.

He started out on Book Tube as he has a passion for reading- true crime specifically. He also has a vlogging channel, a review channel and one he call’s Peterisms which he generally uses for meditations and mantras.

His main channel Peter Monn has over 207,000 subscribers and mainly focuses on drama in the beauty world. Peter offers a different usually more rational perspective on things and I generally agree with pretty much everything he says.

So come join me and the other good Judy’s and check him out, you won’t be disappointed! You can subscribe here

Youtubers You Should Be Watching
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Do you watch someone you consider an underrated YouTuber that you think we should check out? Let us know @TheHoneyPop!

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