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Snow Patrol “Reworked” Some Of Their Songs … And Our Hearts

Snow Patrol “Reworked” Some Of Their Songs … And Our Hearts

Snow Patrol have been in our hearts for countless years now, and during those years, they have absolutely flourished, coming out with iconic feel-good tracks like ‘Chasing Cars.’ Despite the success they’ve racked up, they have no intentions of slowing down, announcing their newest album, Reworked.

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The band is re-imagining their work of the past 25 years, releasing an album of 16 songs, 13 of which will be reworked classics, and three that are new.

The album with feature the following tracks:

  1. Take Back The City (Reworked)
  2. Open Your Eyes (Reworked)
  3. Time Won’t Go Slowly
  4. Chocolate (Reworked)
  5. Set The Fire To The Third Bar (Reworked)
  6. Made Of Something Different Now
  7. You’re All I Have (Reworked)
  8. I Think Of Home
  9. Empress (Reworked)
  10. Run (Reworked)
  11. Heal Me (Reworked)
  12. Called Out In The Dark (Reworked)
  13. Crack The Shutters (Reworked)
  14. Chasing Cars (Reworked)
  15. Just Say Yes (Reworked)
  16. Don’t Give In (Reworked)
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My personal Snow Patrol fave, and a fave of many, ‘Chasing Cars’ is featured in its rawest form on the upcoming album. Frontman Gary Lightbody describes it as “not so much a reworking as it is a tender portrayal of its essence.” I don’t know about you, but I absolutely cannot wait to see how they can top the original track loved by the masses. I’m not sure if I can handle a reworking of this song tbh.

One of the new songs on the album, ‘Made Of Something Different Now,’ is a bit outside the box for Snow Patrol, which is exactly what they were going for. “It’s one of my favorite tracks we have done in ages,” says Lightbody. “In keeping with the ‘Reworked’ attitude of trying new things, it’s unlike much of what we’ve done before.”

‘Reworked’ is an album meant to embrace the past, while hinting at the direction they are planning to go in the future. That being said, I think I can speak for all of us when I say that we cannot wait to see where Snow Patrol goes with their new sound!

‘Reworked’ is available on all platforms here.

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