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Ariana Grande Really is Releasing a Live Album From ‘Sweetener World Tour’ and We Cannot WAIT

Ariana Grande Really is Releasing a Live Album From ‘Sweetener World Tour’ and We Cannot WAIT

If you were wondering whether Ariana saying we would get a live album from this tour was just a concept or not, you’ll be pleased to know it’s actually happening.

Ariana Grande Live Album
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Posting on Instagram stories, Ariana asked her fans whether or not an iconic quote from her Dublin show should be added to the mix. In the background, you can see the screen from where they mix and master the record.

It’s really happening, guys!

Of course, with Ariana asking for the fans input on that one clip, they’ve decided to go the whole hog and suggest more iconic moments from the tour to be added to the live album.

Ariana’s fans are so stoked over the fact that this is legitimately happening and is in the works, especially since she wasn’t even sure she’d be touring in the first place for this album.

Right now, Ariana is on the final leg of the ‘Sweetener’ world tour and has gotten into festive mode. She’s changed up the setlist, added songs from her EP ‘Christmas and Chill’ and can even be seen sporting some beautiful holiday-themed outfits.

Ariana Grande Live Album
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But it doesn’t stop there – she even went as far as going as playing Santa at his own game and gave out the best kind of gifts her fans could ask for. From inviting fans sitting further up to join her in the pit, to Starbucks vouchers and even Tiffany & Co. earrings!

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Since starting this leg of the tour with the festive twist, Ariana’s EP ‘Christmas & Chill’ has begun to chart number 3 on iTunes US, making it the highest Christmas project on iTunes US and Apple Music US. Get it, Ari!

Between the fact we’re getting a live album and supposedly a tour movie really earns Ariana the title of ‘Mother Christmas’ since she just keeps on giving and giving.

Ariana Grande live album
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So, are you hyped that Ariana brought Christmas to November? What iconic moments from the tour should she include on the live album? Tell us what you’re thinking in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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