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The Black Parade Is Alive! The My Chemical Romance Reunion, Why They’re Back and What’s Next

The Black Parade Is Alive! The My Chemical Romance Reunion, Why They’re Back and What’s Next

It’s finally happening. After six long years of waiting, My Chemical Romance is having a reunion . They’ve announced not just one, but five shows around the world, with the first taking place next month in Los Angeles where they will be performing together for the first time in over half a decade. To say I was a mess when I found out would be an understatement, but we don’t talk about that. Okay? Okay.

I could have made a joke there, but I didn’t. Be proud of me.

All song puns aside, this is huge and the world knows it. With the news excitedly being shared by the likes of Billie Eilish, Yungblud and many other big names along with thousands of other fans everywhere it’s safe to say word got around fast about this long-awaited reunion, especially when tickets for their first show back together sold out in less than twenty minutes. I know, I was salty when I wasn’t able to get tickets too. We’ll have other chances, alright? We’ll get through this together.

What Brought Them Back

So what brought this on? Why is 2019 the magic number for this band that hasn’t been a band for six years? A lot of theories have swirled around and been told like stories around a campfire for years, but the campfire is social media and the campers are a bunch of kids dressed in black waiting for a band from the early 2000s to come back. It’s me. I’m kids.

So gather around, because it’s storytime. I’m going to break down a few of the biggest theories for you that I think hold some truth as to why My Chemical Romance has chosen to have a reunion now, and why I think they know exactly what they’ve been doing for longer than you may think.

Following In The Smashing Pumpkin’s Footsteps

To start off, MCR’s lead singer and their bassist, brothers Gerard and Mikey Way, have always made it pretty clear they’re sort of fanboys for alternative rock band The Smashing Pumpkins. And who wouldn’t want to show a little recognition for one of their favorite bands by taking a big page from their book? Before breaking up in 2000 and reuniting six years later (that number sounds familiar, huh?), The Smashing Pumpkins had been together for a good run of twelve years. Before breaking up in 2013, My Chemical Romance… had also been together for twelve years. Just a big coincidence, right? Maybe not so convincing on its own, but add it to the rest and I think we have some evidence piling up against our favorite emo quartet. Let’s bring in exhibit B, shall we? And maybe C… and D…

Giving The World Its Heros

In 2011, My Chemical Romance released their final album, ‘Danger Days: The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys’. The album came with a full post-apocalyptic story behind it with our boys depicted as four colorfully-dressed vigilantes working to save the world from further destruction, but more importantly? This story takes place in California. And the year that it takes place? 2019. The same date and location where My Chemical Romance is playing their reunion show next month. I don’t know about you, but I think that’s just awesome, to say the least.

Following Up On Their Little Hints

Now let’s add this to the fact that after the band broke up, they released a greatest hits album called ‘May Death Never Stop You’. Already sounds a little sus. But with this album, they released one new song. ‘Fake Your Death’. It’s like they wanted all of us to go into panic mode.

And did they stop there? Of course not. For the tenth anniversary of their third album ‘The Black Parade’, My Chemical Romance released another collection of old songs. But that’s not what we’re looking at here. What we’re looking at is the symbol that they put on the album cover and adopted as their new logo. A cross, a symbol of resurrection. And specifically, one that replaced every old logo, every old profile picture, making it look like the band was active again. Nothing came of it. Not for a while, anyway. Until secrets started slipping, a little bit at a time.

First came the “hack”. On MCR’s online forum a few years ago, a new post was created, the title being “TOUR” and the rest reading “Check back soon for more details”. We were all told it was a fan that hacked the site and put it up, but in hindsight now, was it really? That was the last anybody heard for a while, but more recently came a post from Amazon Music, another mention of a tour that was then quickly deleted. Maybe a bit more convincing, but still fishy. And then came Joe Jonas.

…Joe Jonas

Yes, we all know this story by now. Joe Jonas claimed that he heard MCR rehearsing in New York back in June, and the idea was quickly shut down when it was brought to everyone’s attention that Frank Iero, MCR’s guitarist, was on a solo tour and in the area at that time, and was probably just using some old songs to warm up. We’re probably all guilty of blaming Joe for giving all our hopes up, but he doesn’t seem too crazy now, does he? Thank you for your service, Mr. Jonas. You’ve done a fine job.

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What’s Next

Alright, so the band’s probably known what they’re doing for a while now, our collective emo dreams have finally been breathed into existence, My Chemical Romance is reuniting. So what’s next? Are they playing a few shows, then disappearing back into the void for another six years? Ask anyone and they’ll probably say no. There’s no way. They didn’t wait six years to come back to the entire world breaking out into happy tears (and us breaking out our wallets) only to leave us again once they’re finished. I have a feeling that My Chemical Romance is here to stay once again, and hopefully it’ll be another twelve years before we have to worry about marking another date down as the day we lost our Killjoys.

What are some of your favorite MCR theories? How do you feel about the band being back? Tweet us @thehoneypop or visit us on Facebook and let us know!

But tickets to the My Chemical Romance reunion shows here

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