Niall Horan Wants to Collab With Taylor Swift! Here are 7 Other Collabs We are Dying to Happen

Niall Horan Wants to Collab With Taylor Swift! Here are 7 Other Collabs We are Dying to Happen

If you’re wondering what kind of collaborations we can expect from Niall Horan’s up-and-coming second album, you might want to lower your expectations in some terms.

Niall Horan Wants to Collab with Taylor Swift
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Speaking on Billboard’s ‘First Stream’ podcast, Niall chats about the anticipation fans have in hopes of him collabing with some of their favorite artists. While we know there’s 100% a Lewis Capaldi collab that exists in the world, Niall confesses that he and Shawn Mendes have yet to do anything together.

“You know, I hear fans talking about it and you know, pitching certain collaborations and hoping they happen. Mostly based on throw away comments from the artists,” he laughs.

“The Shawn Mendes thing always comes up. ‘When are you and Shawn Mendes gonna do something? Blah blah blah.’ He’s in Asia right now. I’m here. The timing of that is just off. We’re good friends. When we see each other, we don’t necessarily go ‘tell you what, let’s go to the studio tonight.’ It’s more like ‘let’s go for a beer!'”

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
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Please respect our privacy at this time while we mourn the fact we won’t be getting a Niall X Shawn collab on NH2.

He also goes on to talk about his desire to collab with none other than Miss Taylor Swift.

“At some point, I’d love to do something with Taylor Swift, I feel like we’d write well together and we get on really well. But I mean, again, is that gonna happen? I don’t know! But I’d love to write something chilled out with her. I think it’d be nice.”

Come on Tay, answer Niall’s plea! Give us what we’re desperate for.

Niall’s not wrong, though – we as fans always have concepts for collabs between our faves and we know they’d be utter bops. So, we’ve compiled a list of 14 artists we’d like to see collab together.

Little Mix and BLACKPINK

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
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Come on, how iconic would this be? The biggest Western girl group hopping on the same track as the biggest Eastern girl group? Ugh, we need it. And so do Little Mix.

“We all agree that it would be an amazing collab. It would be a bit of a dream team, for two of the biggest girl bands to have a song together! We think they’re amazing, so maybe one day if they wanna do it,” said Jade in a radio interview.

So, the ball is in BLACKPINK‘s court and we’re waiting oh so patiently.

Ariana Grande and Harry Styles

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
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Two other iconic superstars on the same wavelength as Niall Horan and Taylor Swift are Harry Styles and Ariana Grande. Harry penned the beautiful ‘Just a Little Bit of Your Heart’ which was on Ari’s second album, ‘My Everything’. He even sang it on his tour back last year. They both have such beautiful voices that entwined would be heavenly in our ears. We need this to happen in the new decade. It’s not a want, but a need.

5SOS and Halsey

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
Image Source: Billboard / Capital FM

5SOS and Halsey go way back. They’re great friends. More than friends – they consider each other family. So a collaboration would be absolutely incredible and blow our minds. We can just imagine Halsey and Ashton writing in the studio together would be so fascinating to watch. Halsey recently had fans speculating thanks to a cryptic post on Instagram, so we’re not sure if it was a subtle hint at something coming or if we’re just clutching at straws here. Let’s just hope it’s the former and not the latter…

Yungblud and Waterparks

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
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Fans of all four corners of the world are calling out for this collaboration! Dom and Parx both know and like each other, with Awsten often interacting with Dom on social media, fueling the hopes of many for something musically to come from it and we can be counted in that mass. They would truly compliment each other in a collab and it would be *chef kiss*.

Lewis Capaldi and Adele

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
Image Source: The Scottish Sun / Smooth Radio

We’re already crying at how beautiful this song would be. Both Lewis and Adele are so emotionally captivating and would create the most beautiful ballad the world has ever seen. You’d probably need to get in a freezer full of ice cream and an incredible amount of tissues before shutting out the world and going through the feels.

One Direction and BTS

Niall Horan wants to collab with Taylor Swift
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OKAY BUT LISTEN. How powerful would this be? For those of you who are able to put the “my group is better than your group” silliness aside, uniting these two together would literally break the internet, it would break pop culture, it would break the world. Then the world would fix itself and harmony would restore. Grown men in suits would put away their angry opinions and hug one another, birds would be singing, we would literally all be living our best lives. We’re just hoping Coldplay’s ploy to get One Direction to reunite goes to plan…

So what’dya reckon- which of these iconic concepts would you want to see collab? Will Taylor Swift agree to fulfill Niall’s dream? Have we missed any other incredible concepts for a musical duet? Tell us what’s on your mind in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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