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Rapper ONE’s New Album Is Out And It’s AMAZING!

Rapper ONE’s New Album Is Out And It’s AMAZING!

Haven’t heard of the one and only rapper ‘ONE’? Well, get ready world because your mind is about to be BLOWN! South Korean rapper, ONE, released his first full length album ‘PRVT’ on 11/11 and do I have news for you…it is amazing!

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ONE’s new album features tracks:

  1. Hard to Love
  2. Nineteen
  3. You Love It
  4. Victoria
  5. GZB
  6. 존나 멋진 밤 (What a Night)
  7. Instinct
  8. Night Time Ride
  9. Angel
  10. Who
  11. 나는 아직 아무것도 몰라 (I Don’t Know Anything)
  12. 솔직 (Soljik)
  13. Alive
  14. Swift
  15. Stone
  16. Last Cigarette
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ONE’s new album starts off with a banger called ‘Hard to Love’ and it is definitely not hard to fall in love with him after listening to it. If you love listening to chill relaxing bops then ONE’s album is the perfect one for you. If you also like listening to up tempo hits then his album is ALSO has that for you too!

It is honestly hard to pick a favorite from this album. He made a great prediction with his song titled ‘You Love It’ because he is indeed correct, I LOVE it! ONE does an amazing job of incorporating many different genres into his album and it makes me want to listen to each and every song non-stop.

Want to make your ears happy? Give one of his new songs ‘Hard to Love’ a listen! 🙂

Not only is ONE a fabulous rapper, but he is also an amazing actor. Catch him in his latest K-drama called ‘Her Private Life.’ The drama follows a typical fangirl and her journey as she fangirls over her favorite boyband member who happens to be… you guessed it!!! ONE’s character. I definitely recommend watching it especially if you are a fangirl like myself!

Now that you know a little bit more about the talented ONE, be prepared to have his new album being the only thing playing through your earbuds for the next couple of months!

You can stream his album ‘PRVT’ on different streaming platforms. Listen to it here. Let us know what your favorite track is in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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