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Is Suga Dropping a New Agust D Album? ARMYs seem to think so!

Is Suga Dropping a New Agust D Album? ARMYs seem to think so!

If there’s one thing BTS fans are good at besides being loyal as heck, it’s playing detective and managing to predict both the group’s comebacks and solo releases from virtually nothing. Now they might have worked out A new release from Suga AKA Agust D.

Agust D
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For those who don’t know, Agust D is Suga’s moniker for his solo work. The more you know, right? Anyway, As of right now, Agust D’s only official release is his self-titled EP consisting of 10 tracks that came out back in August 2016, but super sleuth ARMYs have found a very telling reason to believe that there’s going to be new music from him in the not so distant future.

Yesterday (November 11th) fans noticed that Agust D’s official bio had been updated on Spotify, which was “Posted by August D”. Though there are no details about a potential release, fans believe that just that the fact there was an amendment after all this time could possibly mean something big is about to happen…

In terms of solo projects, the Bangtan Boys often like to surprise fans. Both V and Jimin pulled a Beyoncé with their solo songs ‘Winter Bear’ and ‘Promise’, while J-HOPE and Becky G’s iconic ‘Chicken Noodle Soup’ came out just 24 hours following the track being confirmed. Solo projects also tend to take place during the group’s downtime.

RM recently stated that the last “biggest event until 2019 ends” will be on December 6th at LA’s Jingle Ball, meaning there is, in fact, a small amount of time for Agust D2 to possibly drop. Yoongi would literally be like Santa giving us this in time for the holidays!

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Agust D
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So ARMYs, what do you think? Is Suga about to transform back into Agust D to give us the ultimate end-of-year treat? Let us know your predictions down in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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