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Be Your Own Style Icon With Hayden Williams’ New Collection!

Be Your Own Style Icon With Hayden Williams’ New Collection!

Bratz dolls: does that ring a bell? The four girls with a passion for fashion? The dolls that we’ve all played with at some point in our childhood? What about the movie Clueless? Do you remember Cher and Tai’s iconic sense of style? If so, this is an emergency! We now have the chance to dress like any of these characters! Fans have always been inspired by the fashion in Clueless and in Bratz dolls. Guess what? We can now bring these characters to life with Hayden Williams’ brand new collection with Missguided.

Hayden Williams
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Hayden Williams is a fashion illustrator based in the U.K. who is well known for designing outfits for Bratz dolls. He is also known for recreating illustrations of celebrities and their super cute outfits on Instagram, with even Little Mix being one of his muses. Not only did he help form our childhood, but he’s also bringing it to life!

The Hayden Williams x Missguided collection dropped today on November 12. He has confirmed that U.K. sizes will range from 4-18, which is sizes 0-14 in the US! Although not a lot of his pieces are out now, he also said that more pieces will be released throughout the week. Don’t fret if your favorite pieces are sold out or don’t have your size, bigger things are comin’!

We need it all.

We have been stanning Hayden for a while now, and to see him thrive this hard makes our hearts happy, don’t you agree? With his outstanding illustrations and superior taste in fashion, we are sure that he will have his own designer brand years from now. Hayden has many ideas and concepts that have mostly existed on paper, and we’re so excited to see what else he has up his sleeve. His brand is clearly different from other designers, and the young, chic vibe it gives off will leave people drooling over his pieces!

Scrolling through the collection, it’s safe to assume that Hayden Williams was partly inspired by the movie Clueless, which is also one of his favorite movies! Who can blame him, right? Cher and Tai are an iconic duo.

I mean … imagine not stanning Hayden Williams.

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Check out the Hayden Williams X Missguided collection here

What do you think of the new collection? Will you be buying any pieces? If so, be sure to let us know in the comments below, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop on Twitter!

For More Information on Hayden Williams:
Instagram | Twitter | Website | Youtube

Featured Image Source: Hayden Williams via Instagram

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