Awsten Knight Wants 5SOS and Waterparks to Tour More Than Anyone Else and We Are Here For It!

Awsten Knight Wants 5SOS and Waterparks to Tour More Than Anyone Else and We Are Here For It!

When our faves talk about each other, it gets us soft. It can’t be helped. So, when Awsten said in an Instagram Q&A the other day that he would open for 5SOS, it got us excited. Can you imagine how AMAZING that would be!?

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As with a lot of things, it’s something we dreamt would happen. Adding fuel to the fire, Awsten gave an interview with Billboard Magazine and stated that touring with 5 Seconds of Summer was something he hoped to do over the next three years.

Waterparks are about to begin their FANDOM tour and you can get tickets here. I will be going to both London date’s and I cannot wait!

Look, it’s apparent that 5SOS and Waterparks can both sell out headlining tours. It’s not even up for debate. But the two bands sharing a stage, at the same venue! We all know that would be POWERFUL!

Awsten has joined 5SOS on stage before in his hometown Houston, TX, during the 5SOS 3 tour, April 2018, and performed ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ with them. It was a nice taste, but we’re still rooting for Geoff, Otto & Awsten and our favorite Aussies to share a line-up. Let’s cross our fingers and hope it’s a possibility one day.

Would you go to this tour if it happened? If not, what would be your dream concert line-up? Let us know in the comments or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Waterparks:
Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Website

To learn more about 5SOS:
Facebook Twitter | Instagram | Website

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