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Sweet Releases – Does It Get Any Sweeter Than This?

Sweet Releases – Does It Get Any Sweeter Than This?

Rough week? We’ve got you covered. These Sweet Releases will having you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and jam out to these killer new tunes; that’s what I like to call self-care.

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Beware Of Darkness – ‘Bloodlines’

Beware of Darkness have dropped this absolute tune. ‘Bloodlines’ is the first release from them in 3 years and its a taste of what is to come. It’s addictive, It’s infectious and it has all the makings of a big hit. With a guitar-heavy, rock n roll theme and some pretty relatable lyrics. Its the perfect feel-good rock track to air guitar(or real guitar) along with!

Two Feet – ‘BBY’

This track is definitely a feel-good track. something you might expect to hear in a club, it has all the makings of a hit! not to mention the beat drops. ‘BBY’ was written live and whilst the studio version differs slightly from the version he plays live, it’s still a bop in our eyes!

MOBS – ‘Big World’

This track has serious late 80’s early 90’s vibes, so learning that this track was inspired by the 1989 movie ‘Honey I Shrunk The Kids!’ is no surprise! This track displays amazing vocals and a refreshing fun vibe. I really love it!

Hawthorne Heights – ‘When Darkness Comes To Light’

Hawthorne Heights has created the beautifully emotive ‘When Darkness Comes To Light,’ which features on their newly released special collection of B-sides and rarities ‘Lost Frequencies’. It is a very personal song as it’s their response to the mass shootings across the US. One of the most recent being in their hometown. With lyrics like, ”I just wanna feel safe and forget all this hate’ and ‘let’s be one nation,’ it’s obvious this is going to be an anthem for many. It’s a song that sends chills down your spine and brings tears to your eyes for sure.

Steve – You Can Do This, Too

Steve (we love the band name, btw) have released a new album You Can Do This, Too as a collection of fun, upbeat punk rock/pop songs that you can dance your heart out to. The singles ‘Gansette’ and ‘Ankle Biter’ are pop tunes with amazingly simple videos created entirely the band. Wow! Not only are they talented but they also encourage inclusivity and won’t play gigs with all white male bands. Where have they been all our lives? This is a band the world needs! You really won’t want to miss these guys. Let’s dance!

Maja Kristina – ‘Idiot’

Maja Kristina has created a pop anthem with this new track ‘Idiot.’ It flows well and is sang passionately. Maja has the ability to convey her feelings, and make you feel them too! The song really resonates with me and I feel it will have the same effect on a lot of people. Check it out and let us know if you agree!

Shaylen – ‘Sprite’

This track takes a twist on modern pop with its oh-so-cool hip hop elements. Shaylen’s effortlessly pretty vocals takes you on a journey through her experiences within toxic relationship, and it’s hard-hitting af. Shaylen spoke about the meaning behind the song, stating “‘Sprite’ is about a co-dependent relationship with someone while fighting my own inner demons. Being honest with myself and the other person is hard enough, but letting go of the toxic patterns and habits is really the hardest part.” Lyrically, it takes you through this whilst being a truly beautiful piece of work. ‘Sprite’ is definitely worth checking out!

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Alex Harris – ’88 Floors’

Last, but certainly not least for this installment of Sweet Releases, we have Alex Harris’ new track ’88 Floors.’ This new track, along with its music video that also has just dropped, has certainly left me floored. Bad puns aside, this new track is perfect to relax to. Alex himself describes it as “a record about following the music. It’s about the time I spent and people I lost chasing a dream I couldn’t afford. It’s a record about putting music before anything in life and dealing with the consequences later.” This track has something for anyone with its pop, R&B, alternative, and hip-hop elements, and we’re certain you’re going to love it!

Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a song you think should be added to our list? Let us know down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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