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The Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Pallette Has Us SHOOK!

The Shane X Jeffree Conspiracy Pallette Has Us SHOOK!

Since we last wrote about Shane & Jeffree’s collaboration there have been two more episodes, leading to the highly anticipated reveal of the Conspiracy Palette.

A palette that broke the internet, crashing Shopify and websites such as Beauty Bay due to the high demand.

Many of us we left frustrated yelling at our phones and computer screens, eagerly trying to get our hands on what has now become the most sought after item in internet history.

Eventually, after a lot of refreshing and yelling at the computer screen, I was ready to admit defeat. However, I had an amazing family supporting me and was fortunate to have a relative manage to get on the Beauty Bay app and get the palette for me.

Success! You would not believe how happy this made me. I am at best average with makeup but I have always loved Jeffree Star Cosmetics.

According to the documentary, 1 million palettes were ordered and within 24 hours, they were gone. A further 60,000 palettes have been sourced and pre-ordered within minutes. With plans to make more in 2020, Jeffree confirmed that for the shade ‘Food Videos’ they had used six years worth of their supplier’s stock. Which is why there will not be another drop before Christmas.

Despite the online stress of millions of people trying to get the palette, and many being sadly unsuccessful, this launch was, as predicted, a massive success.

If you go on YouTube and search for palette reviews you will see hundreds. Some from big names and some from customers like myself. It has been well received across the board.

So, is there tea? Well, maybe a little…

Honestly, for me, the color story is perfect. The top row is mainly neutrals with the rest displaying vibrant mattes and metallics. I tend to be quite out there with my style,and love the challenge of incorporating crazy pigments alongside whatever hair color I have that week.

With these 18 colors, you’re guaranteed to be able to make something work for you regardless of how daring you are feeling.

Jeffree explained in his recent video how you can even use ‘Tanacon’ as a contour and ‘Pig-ment’ as a blush. You can even use ‘Ranch’ as a highlighter! So, it is indeed very versatile.

I have to say my favorites are ‘Ranch’ as a base coat for my eyes. I HIGHLY recommend using an eye primer with these shades and pigments. Especially if you are wanting a wet look or you want the colors to POP.

‘Just A Theory’ is stunning in the crease with ‘Diet Cola’ on the outside of the lid with the likes of ‘Trisha’ or ‘Not A fact’ in the inner corner for a look that is powerful. It is truly my favorite combination at the moment.

What I will say is two shades kind of disappointed me. ‘Food Videos’ without a base is not as strong as it looks like it will be in the palette. Without setting spray I also found it fades rather fast. So bear that in mind- incorporate a primer and setting spray and you will have no issue. I found the same with ‘Cheese Dust’ if you’re using this for anything other than a transition color you will also have to make sure you use it as I have advised.

What Shane has done with Jeffree as a supporter and mentor is amazing. Especially for someone who has only been in the industry for roughly a year. If you get the opportunity to get this on the restock, I would snap it up.

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So, what can we expect from the rest of the series? That is up in the air at the moment. Shane recently went on Instagram Live saying he was not sure whether to include the drama we were teased in the trailer. Especially as everyone seems to be moving on from it now.

For me, I feel it should be included but I understand if it is not. However, plenty of people believe it should be included especially as we were promised it.

Shane has always produced high-quality work and this palette is a massive representation of that. So if he were to just cover the Morphe meet up he did coupled with a small overview of everything that has happened this year, including small mentions of Dramageddon 2, the audience will most likely be forgiving.

What do you think? Do you have the palette? And, if so, what do you think about it? Do you think the series should focus on the drama that has happened this year? Comment below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop we would love to hear your thoughts!

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