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G-Dragon Collabs With Nike…Enough Said!

G-Dragon Collabs With Nike…Enough Said!

G-Dragon has collaborated with Nike to create Nike Air Force 1’s called ‘Para-noise.’ Let me tell you this … your feet will never look so good! If you do not know who G-Dragon is, let me introduce you to him. Kwon Jiyong, known as G-Dragon, is the leader of legendary K-pop group Big Bang. He is known to many not only for his rapping and performance abilities, but also for his unique fashion style and taste. His beautiful sense of style is wonderfully showcased with this Nike collaboration.

Want to take a sneak peek at the process of creating these aesthetic shoes? Well, G-Dragon was kind enough to make this super cute video and share it with the world. Take a look at this creative king designing the shoes!

Want to take another sneak peek of behind the scenes pictures of the final product? Looks like it’s your lucky day!

Image Source: Nike News

Don’t you just want a pair this instant? Good thing they will be available for purchase on November 23rd!! Some celebs got to have a taste of G-Dragon’s shoes before the release…and they look fabulous!

If you love these shoes then be sure to check out all of G-Dragon’s other designs. He has a clothing line called ‘peaceminusone’ and each and every product is truly a masterpiece. Other celebrities, such as Michael Clifford of 5 Seconds of Summer have been photographed in the brand, proving that G-Dragon’s voice in fashion is as far-reaching as his music. The man known as the King of K-Pop is also the King of Fashion. I would just love to get inside that brain of his to take an even closer look at his process.

Be sure to pick up a pair of your own ‘Para-noise’ shoes before they sell out because trust me they will sell out, despite the $200 price tag that comes with them.

Soooo… who here is deff going to buy a pair of these shoes? Who here is excited to see more designs from G-dragon in the future? Let us know all of your thoughts by leaving us a comment below or talk to us @TheHoneyPOP!

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