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Like Moths To Flames Release An Incredible EP

Like Moths To Flames Release An Incredible EP

Like Moths To Flames have released the EP ‘Where The Light Refuses To Go,’ featuring the track ‘ Into The Black’ as their first single, and quite frankly we’re shook!

The three track EP is the band’s first official release with UNFD and the single displays some powerful lyrics. Screamo, combined with softer rock vocals, fueled with insane guitar and drums make this one you definitely don’t want to miss.

If you’re a metalhead it is definitely worth checking out, I doubt you will be disappointed!

Speaking about the EP release, band vocalist Chris Roetter says, “Excited to release the last single from the ‘Where the Light Refuses To Go’ EP. The songs are a collection of what we’ve been working on between the last album cycle and now. The team at UNFD has been the driving force behind a lot of the ideas around the release and what’s to happen in the future. Closing out the year with the release gives us the chance to get busy writing!”

If you haven’t listened to the other two tracks, what are you waiting for?

‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is mind blowing and fresh. It is probably my favorite of the three tracks both lyrically and instrumentally.

The third track, ‘All That You Lost,’ is the only track of the three to currently have an official music video. And, when paired with the track, the video takes the song to haunting emotive new levels!

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