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Simon Cowell Hints At 1D Reunion As He Plugs New TV Show!

Simon Cowell Hints At 1D Reunion As He Plugs New TV Show!

Simon Cowell is a world-famous music mogul. Amongst all the things he’s famous for he is most known for his talent shows.

He has some mega-successful acts on his records such as Little Mix, Camilla Cabello and perhaps his most famous One Direction.

We recently reported that Simon had launched X factor: The Band. A rival for Little Mix’s The Search. Controversially he spoke this week on radio, to admit that he wanted to get ahead of Little Mix and find the best talent before they did.

Not only has he upset Little Mix fans with this news …

He’s also recently upset K-POP fans, by revealing that he wants to rival K-POP as well. That is a fanbase you definitely don’t wanna mess with Simon!

The burning question though. Will there be a One Direction Reunion?

Fans everywhere are desperate for a comeback from their faves, One Direction. Since they went on hiatus, Liam, Louis, Harry, Niall and Zayn have all had multiple successes in their solo careers.

Now although Simon praised the boys’ hard work and success as solo artists. He did admit that they could still sell out stadiums “In under 20 seconds” and that “they had a lot of hits”.

He didn’t confirm anything, but he did say “My gut feeling is yes” and “I’d say within 5 years, but that’s only a guess”

Could this mean we would see 1D again sooner than we think? Be still our beating hearts, it’s not even official and we are hella excited!

Obviously that means that most of us are gonna be adult-adults when they reunite, but it won’t stop us enjoying every second (How scary is that?). It does however seem a bit suspicious that Simon has decided to drop the 1D card now.

Could he be trying to use this ‘news’ to win back 1D fans and get them on his side following his blunder last week? It certainly has divided fans and most of them aren’t happy. I bet he’s hoping he can win back some fans, and keep them sweet until the time comes for our boys to return to the stage as a group.

Would you like to see a reunion even if its for a one off event? or would you prefer a whole ass tour? Let us know your opinions @Thehoneypop

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