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Free Taylor Swift(‘s Music) … And Sign This Petition Maybe

Free Taylor Swift(‘s Music) … And Sign This Petition Maybe

Omg Taylor SNAPPED and has taken her legal issues to the public in the way only Taylor Swift can. Good thing we had her notifs on so we can fill you in on what’s happening. So, sit down. Grab your popcorn, and let’s go over the newest installment in Taylor Swift vs. The Man …

It started behind the scenes, but those of us not in Taylor’s inner circle (it’s fine. We’re fine 😔) didn’t find out until she tweeted. But, when Taylor tweets, as you guys know – she tweets!

Too much to read? Same. But lucky for you, we did anyway. And we’re here to break down the important parts.

  1. Apparently, Taylor has plans to re-record the first six albums in her catalog, It is typical in a lot of artists’ contracts, that an artist be able to do this after a certain number of years have passed since the original contract expiration. And while we’re not sure what Taylor’s contract said (inner circle thing again 😔), we do know that she’s made it clear that she can’t until 2020.
  2. Taylor is being honored as the “Artist of the Decade” at the AMAs (yass kween), and had planned to perform a medley of her songs over the past decade, some of which are still with her old label, Big Machine.
  3. Taylor will be featured in a Netflix documentary (which we won’t be in – inner circle again. Big sighs all around. 😔), which should encompass her life and history.
  4. Big Machine, her old label, is under the control of Scooter Braun (who you’ll know through his affiliations to Justin Bieber, Ariana Grande, and Demi Lovato) and Scott Borchetta (the founder of the label).
  5. Taylor and Scooter have ‘bad blood,’ (c’mon, that’s funny) that goes way back to her beefs with Kanye when Scooter took a clear side (spoiler alert: not Taylor’s). And in the world of celebrities, a few months is the same as 7 human years, so this goes way back.
  6. Scooter and Scott have declined to let Taylor perform her songs at the AMAs or feature them in her documentary. (We’re not taking sides here, but we have to admit this is kinda shady considering she wrote them and they’ve gotten very rich off of them)
  7. Taylor says she’s exhausted the means at her disposal to continue fighting for rights to the songs and has called on her fans and fellow artists to speak out against what she views as a clear abuse of power.

In summary, this is petty petty.

Twitter hasn’t stayed silent, of course, and fans and celebrities alike are sharing their fury, calling out Scooter and Scott.

BUT WAIT! There’s more!

Not even half an hour after Taylor’s initial tweet, fans jumped to action and created a petition to support her in a bid to give her the freedom to use her own music.

Taylor Swift
Image Source: Change

You can sign the fan petition in support of Taylor Swift and help free her music here. It’s time for a prison break of her catalog tbh

What do you think of this – will you be signing the petition? What do you think is going to happen? Sound off in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP

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