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Throwback 5SOS Songs To Make You Soft

Throwback 5SOS Songs To Make You Soft

Care for a few throwback 5SOS songs to hit you right in your feels? Yes, please! It’s almost hard to believe how far 5SOS has come from their earliest moments. If you’re an OG fan like myself, these songs are sure to bring back the fondest of memories; if you’re a new fan, these are tracks you hoenstly just need to have in your rotation! Sit back, relax, and let the nostalgia begin!

‘Teenage Dirtbag’ (cover)

This is certainly one for the books as this cover marks the point at which the band first introduced our beloved Ashton Irwin as their drummer. It also marks the point at which we all fell madly in love with Ashton Irwin, but that’s another story.

Here, we see the complete set of 5SOS covering the iconic hit by Wheatus, and if you compare this cover to where they are at now, you are sure to be blown away. These hopeful and seemingly shy young lads in their living room surely had no idea they were going to be the confident stars they are today, but we are so glad they are!

‘Wherever You Are’

This song is sure to put you in your feels! Despite being one of their earlier releases, this is still a song loved and cherished by many. Could you imagine if they redid this song in accordance with their new, reimagined sound now? Take my money, just take it!

‘Beside You’

‘Beside You’ is truly a win for 5SOS, and while it is still loved by many, I still don’t think it’s talked about enough! Because this track features gorgeous lyrical content combined with the intimate nature of the instrumentals, this is the kind of track that makes that special someone pop into your head, whether it be your relatives, your significant other, or one of the 5SOS boys themselves. Hey, no judgement here!

‘Heartbreak Girl’

This was the very first song I heard from 5SOS, and once I had, I knew it was going to be the first of many! This song started it all for me, and while my love for 5SOS has practically consumed my life (but lets be real, I think it’s consumed all of us at this point), I am forever grateful!


Another fan favorite! This is a track that just had to be mentioned. Lyrics from this 5SOS track are still scattered in the bios of stans on Twitter, and I don’t blame them! This is truly a job well done. With gorgeous instrumentals as well as moving lyrics, it’s no wonder this song is still loved by so many!

‘Long Way Home’

This track hits close to home for me; my grandfather once told me that he would stop to kiss my grandmother at each stop sign. He’d then back up, then pull back up to the stop sign just for a second kiss. I’m not sure if Green Day was on the radio, but this song definitely connects with me on a more personal level!

That aside, this song is just such a touching song that I feel so many people can relate to, and it’s one that will be stuck in your head for sure!

‘English Love Affair’

Ah, 5SOS’ first song with not-so-suggestive lyrics. This track drove fans absolutely nuts, and for good reason! ‘English Love Affair’ marks a pivotal point in which 5SOS began dipping their toes into other kinds of lyrical content. With the smooth of times I’ve listened to this absolute bop, I certainly can’t forget ‘English Love Affair.’

‘Girls Talk Boys’

The track is another that marks an important milestone for the 5SOS boys. This track was featured in the Ghostbusters remake that released in 2016 starring Melissa McCarthy, Kristen Wiig, Kate McKinnon, Leslie Jones, and Chris Hemsworth, and for good reason! This is a song that could fit into multiple genres, so no matter your taste, this track is here to please!

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‘Lost Boy’

This song is still a favorite of mine, and I think it always will be. The instrumentals are some of my favorites, and the lyrics pair so well that I just can’t help but continue to love this song after all these years!

‘Gotta Get Out’

This track is so deserving of a mention here. Another early track that helped to launch 5SOS into their careers today, this song accompanied the lads on tour with One Direction. 5SOS truly did get out, and we are so happy they did.

‘Teeth’ (Live From The Vault)

I know, I know, this isn’t a throwback, but I had to include their latest sound so you could see just how far these four lads have come since the aforementioned tracks! These men have transformed their sound into something so incredible, and we just can’t wait to see where they’ll go next!

What are your favorite 5SOS throwback tracks? Let us know by dropping us a comment, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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Featured Image: EMI Music Aus on Twitter and Kevin Winter via Getty Images for iHeartMedia, as edited by THP Graphic Artist, Bilge Zeynep

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