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The Sweet Release of New Music

The Sweet Release of New Music

Rough week? We’ve got you covered. These Sweet Release(s) will having you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and jam out to these killer new tunes; that’s what I like to call self-care.

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The Raven Age

With ‘The Face That Launched A Thousand Ships’ UK based metal band, The Raven Age, have also released an incredible music video. This track starts off slow with powerful, emotional lyrics. The video to me represents going into something blind and into a void of emptiness. Its a truly moving powerful track that you need to check out!

Eddy Lee Ryder

As a track, ‘Vultures’ is elegantly and beautifully performed with faultless vocals, all while being a very sad song. Speaking of the track, Eddy Lee Ryder says, “‘Vultures’ is a song about being disillusioned by love. It’s still supposed to be haunting and romantic discussing the darkness in people’s intentions while hiding behind a pretty melody. I wrote the first line of ‘Vultures’ a few years ago. However, the song sat unfinished for a long time. I was trying to find peace and understanding (and some irony even) in the darkness around me. Watching so many other women find their voices this past year, I was inspired to say what I needed to say on these issues.” And it really is a truly moving work of art!

Nu Deco Ensemble

Nu Deco Ensemble has truly outdone themselves in their self-titled debut inspired by legendary influences such as Outkast and Daft Punk. “This album is our life work and we could not be more proud of it,” says Nu Deco Ensemble co-founder and artistic director, Jacomo Bairos. “It has been a dream of ours 15 years in the making, and to finally have the opportunity to share it is so incredibly special for us.” If you are new to classical or have always been curious, this is the ensemble/orchestra you should start with!


This Florida-based group did not hold back when it comes to their new single. “Away” is one of those feel-good pop songs with a killer bridge and a music break guaranteed to get you in the mood to dance. Put simply, this new single has it all. The track features an oh-so-perfect mix of beautiful vocals, hard hitting and relatable lyrics, rock-like istrumentation, and an incredible synth break. Basically, no matter your music taste, this song has something for you.

The New Regime

‘Do Right By Me’ is a slick, incredible and lyrically supreme rock track. Speaking about the track Rubin says “‘Do Right By Me’ deals with the familiar tale of poor communication in relationships leading to disaster. I think we’ve all been there. I certainly have! Musically, I wanted to focus on the juxtaposition of the cold modern feel of the electronic verses to the more bombastic and hard-hitting choruses to illustrate the feelings of apathy versus heated contemplation” This is truly apparent in what is a truly incredible track I implore you to check out!

Maria Taylor

Maria Taylor’s self-titled album debut was released November 11th and is a beautiful collection, which has also been a family effort! Maria’s 7-year-old son, Miles Dwyer, wrote and performed on “Miley’s Song.” After Miles recorded his piano at home, Maria turned it into a family affair, with parts emailed in from Uncle Mace, Big Mace, and Aunt Kate. How cool is that? Pair this with Maria’s vocals which are effortlessly eloquent and this is an incredible collection of songs!

The Man Who

The Man Who have created a truly cool track with ‘Natural Villain,’ and have paired with an equally cool music video. The track is catchy and has a chorus you will be singing along to in no time!

Left Behind

New album ‘No One Goes To Heaven,’ was released by Left Behind today, and is another hot recommendation we think you should check out! The metal band’s third album includes ‘Eternity Of Empty,’ which displays the darkness that hollow feeling emptiness leaves you with. This is the band’s third album and they just keep getting better and BETTER!

Alaina Castillo

Rising singer-songwriter Alaina Castillo is the Latina R&B artist we need in our lives right now. Following the incredible success of her song ‘I don’t think I love you anymore,’ which gained over 2 million YouTube views in just three weeks, Alaina has now dropped her debut EP ‘Antisocial Butterfly.’ The EP consists of 6 incredible tracks, featuring ‘No Importa’ which sticks out from the rest of the chilled vibe tracks. The latin-pop bop shows us a different side to Alaina’s music, full of catchy beats and easily one you can jam along too.

Speaking about her release, Alaina said: “I spent a lot of time thinking about how I wanted this project to sound and feel, but in the end everything just came together. There are moments where I’ve been a little more closed off and then moments where I express how I feel and refuse to hold back. The music showcases who I am as a person; sometimes struggling with being anxious and other times doing whatever makes me happy. My music tells my story and how up and down life can be, and I want to continue to tell that story to anyone who’ll listen.”

You definitely need to check out this EP and atan Alaina before she makes it big.

See Also

Is anyone else feeling like we’re overdue for some Christmas releases? Sippy sippy that egg nog and let’s get into the spirit of the season with the next two releases this week!

Meg & Dia

Meg & Dia have released a music video for ‘Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas’ so, if you’re feeling festive already this is the perfect time to check it out! Alongside the beautiful ‘December Darling,’ this Christmas collection has been released today! So get in the Christmas vibes and listen to this wonderful collection!

Selfish Things

A truly iconic Christmas song, originally sung by John Lennon and Yoko Ono, has been stripped back by Selfish Things with a very important message! “Vancouver has the worst homelessness problem in the entirety of North America, the majority of which is made up of indigenous youths aged 10-29. Indigenous persons in Canada are 6 times more likely to die by suicide compared to the general population and are 66% more likely to become addicted or dependent on drugs/alcohol,” shares vocalist Alex Biro on the inspiration behind the accompanying music video. “Given the original music video and the intention behind the song, we’d like to use the visuals of the video to fundraise for the Native Urban Youth Association. This song as a cover has impeccable vocals and a very sad truth and emotional message in an effort to fundraiser and help the homeless in Vancouver!

Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Release(s)? Do you have a song you think should be added to our list? Let us know down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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