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Why Is The Whole World Having An Australian Love Affair? It’s AusMusicTShirtDay!

Why Is The Whole World Having An Australian Love Affair? It’s AusMusicTShirtDay!

AusMusicTShirtDay is all about the music industry. After All, music is a universal language. People all over the world bond over their love of music, songs, bands and artists daily. This is because music isn’t judgemental, its all inclusive.

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What exactly is AusMusicTShirtDay?

#AusMusicTshirtDay has inclusivity at its heart. Especially as it was set up by ‘Support Act’ to raise money for the talented people working across the Australian music industry who are ‘doing it tough.’

These are the artists, crew and music workers who struggle financially due to poor health, injury or mental health issues.

All you have to do, is wear your fave Aussie music t-shirt and either create, join or donate to a team. You can also post to your socials. Just make sure to use the hashtag!!

Astonishingly, they have already surpassed their $80,000 target and raised over $130,000 at writing.

If you want to donate to this amazing cause visit their website: here.

5SOS fans join in with their creativity.

5 Seconds of Summer, shot to fame after being discovered on YouTube by Louis Tomlinson. The 4 young lads based in Sydney have since become one of the biggest bands in the world.

Luke, Calum, Michael and Ashton have some very dedicated fans and they didn’t disappoint!

From sharing their own hashtag and bringing awareness to this fantastic cause to posting some absolutely gorgeous selfies.

Twitter fan update account @ashtonupdating spread awareness using their platform and even partnered with @updatesofafi, @Tha5sosfamily, and @5SOSDigest to raise money!

They also joined the huge number of fans sharing beautiful pics.

One 5SOS fan even made a video in honor of the day.

5SOS will always be more than a band to us

From Sydney to Stardom, 5 Seconds of Summer have touched many lives. Not only have they helped us make new friends, given us a safe space to be our true selves and shown us that it’s okay to not be okay. But they have also broken down stereotypes, by rocking nail varnish and glitter. They truly are role models for a better more inclusive future.

They’ve given society the middle finger and done things their own unique way and that’s just one of the many reasons we are showing them our support today.

So grab your fave shirt, whichever one means the most to you and spread the love this #AusMusicTShirtDay and #5SOSTShirtDay.

Show us your beautiful selfies and tell us what your shirt means to you @Thehoneypop

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To Learn More About 5SOS:

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