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Jopping with SuperM at ‘We Are the Future’ Tour

Jopping with SuperM at ‘We Are the Future’ Tour

The avengers of KPOP, SuperM kicked off the start to their first ever U.S. tour on Monday November 11, 2019: and it was phenomenal! The super group made their historic debut in Los Angeles barely over a month ago, and I am so amazed that they are already making huge achievements. They have become one of the first artists to ever perform at the brand new Dickie’s Arena in Fort Worth, TX, (which opened to the public on October 26) and I was lucky enough to witness it.

Before the Show

When I first entered the venue, I was pleasantly surprised to see the amount of fans that showed up for the performance. From the very beginning of the announcement of the super group, it was clear that the fandoms of the individual groups that make up SuperM were divided. However, the entire 14,000 seat room was filled with fans of all ages, different ult (ultimate) groups, and from cities all across Texas. When I was waiting in line to be let into the venue, I met someone who drove 6 hours from Corpus Christi. As for myself, I drove 4 hours. Since the group was only performing in one city in the state, fans had no choice but to drive from far away, just for a chance to have a glimpse at some of their favorite members.

Before the show even started, there was a lot of anticipation. The group debuted with a self-titled EP that contained only 5 songs. My thoughts were consumed with wonder at what other songs the group would perform to fill up the entire duration of the show. Would they perform covers? Would they sing songs from their original groups? What about solo songs? All of these questions were answered as soon as the lights dimmed and all that could be heard were the excited screams of impatient fans.

When the lights went out for the performances, the entire arena was lit up with all sorts of different lightsticks. It was heartwarming to see people with the new SuperM lightstick, as well as NCT, EXO, and Shinee lightsticks. For that night there was no stress, worry, or fan wars — just a diverse group of people from various places and backgrounds, coming together to enjoy music performed by members of different groups, united as one super group by one company.

The Set List

The show opened up with a VCR of all of the members, introducing them one by one, and was immediately followed by ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain.’ The rest of the night consisted of a performance of all 5 SuperM songs interspersed with released and unreleased solo performances by each of the members, in addition to 2 new SuperM songs. You can see the entire set list below!

  1. I Can’t Stand the Rain
  2. Danger (Taemin solo) (Taemin solo)
  3. Goodbye (Sayonara Hitori) (Taemin solo, Korean version)
  4. GTA (Taeyong solo, unreleased song)
  5. Super Car
  6. Dream In a Dream (Ten solo)
  7. New Heroes (Ten solo)
  8. Bass Go Boom (Lucas solo, unreleased song)
  9. Betcha (Baekhyun solo)
  10. UN Village (Baekhyun solo)
  11. Dangerous Woman
  12. 2 Fast
  13. Baby Don’t Stop (NCT U cover) (Taeyong and Ten duet)
  14. Talk About (Mark solo, unreleased song)
  15. Confession (Kai solo, unreleased song)
  16. No Manners
  17. With You (unreleased song)
  18. Jopping

The best part about the individual performances was how they really highlighted each of the members’ personalities and skills. Taemin, Kai, Baekhyun, Ten, Lucas, Taeyong, and Mark all got to have their own solo time to shine alone. Each solo stage showcased how versatile each of the members are, and reminded me that all 7 of them originally debuted with different KPOP groups. With this in mind, it makes it all more incredible that they are of different ages, have different amounts of experience in the industry and come from groups with varying musical genres and sounds. Yet somehow, and unexpectedly, they manage to fit and work so well together.

Music Has No Language

Even though interest in KPOP has significantly grown in the past few years, there is still a stigma around it. Many people don’t understand how you can have a connection with artists and with songs that are in another language. It was refreshing to be surrounded by like-minded people who don’t see language as a barrier to music. During the performances, even though most of the fans didn’t speak Korean, we didn’t let that stop us. We made sure to scream the English lyrics extra loudly to compensate, because music is a language that everyone shares.

My personal favorite performances of the night were ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain,’ Baekhyun and Kai’s solo stages, ‘Dangerous Woman,’ ‘No Manners,’ and ‘Jopping.’ Baekhyun’s high note in ‘I Can’t Stand the Rain’ was iconic and I was ecstatic to be able to witness it in person. As for ‘Betcha,’ ‘UN Village,’ and ‘Confession.’ These were songs that I had only ever seen through concert videos on Twitter that were recorded from EXplOration (EXO’s fifth tour). Since that tour did not contain any American tour dates, I thought that I would never get to experience any EXO member’s live performances in my own country. Getting to witness two of my favorite people in the world perform live was the most surreal feeling in the world, and made my first KPOP concert extremely special.

As for ‘Dangerous Woman,’ this was a surprise song that I didn’t expect. It seems like a song that is a response to the song of the same name by Ariana Grande. The lyrics “Somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ ’bout, somethin’ ’bout you” and “I’ll make you feel like a dangerous woman” sounds like a male counterpart to the lyrics, “Somethin’ ’bout you makes me feel like a dangerous woman.” All 7 members got to perform together in this song and they had so much energy on stage, which was reflected by the crowd. I can’t wait until this song is released and I will be anticipating the moment when the group finally releases a full length studio album.

What was special about ‘No Manners’ (aside from it being my favorite song from the album), was the special stage. After Kai performed ‘Confession,’ there was a short intermission where another VCR was played. During this time, two unique ramps were set up. During the performance, Taeyong, Taemin, Kai, and Ten ran up and down the ramps, leaned on them, laid on them, and danced on them together. It was a very simple accessory, yet the 4 members managed to utilize and incorporate it so well into their choreography.

And of course, last but not least was ‘Jopping.’ The song that started it all, and lit a fire on social media. Whether you love or hate the song/group, no one can resist Taemin and Baekhyun’s sultry singing, Mark and Taeyong’s rap lines, and Kai and Lucas’s incredible dancing and stage presence. The song that marked the group’s official debut was the perfect one to end the night to their first (successful) tour date.

Image from FORBES

So if you’ve never tried listening to KPOP or if you’re on the fence about supporting SuperM, I definitely recommend that you give them a try. Their entire concept of being a super group that combines members from various SM groups is really revolutionary.

For those of you who aren’t too sure about listening to music in another language, their songs contain a significant amount of English mixed with Korean, since they are signed to Capitol Records (an American record label) and their target is to attract a more international audience.

You can buy tickets to the remaining dates of their North American tour here.

Let us know if you’re going to see SuperM on tour by leaving a comment down below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP !

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