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Will Matty Healy Collab With My Chemical Romance? Plus 5 Other MCR Collabs We’d Love to See!

Will Matty Healy Collab With My Chemical Romance? Plus 5 Other MCR Collabs We’d Love to See!

Yes, I know, maybe we should all slow down here… My Chemical Romance just got back together. But hey, Matty started this, not us. Earlier in the year while being interviewed by Nick Grimshaw on BBC Radio 1, Matty Healy got on the subject of a collab with My Chemical Romance while talking about The 1975’s upcoming “sort of emo” album. Seems like Mr. Healy is afraid Gerard Way will take back the emo crown, joking that Way has returned to reclaim it. I think there’s room enough for two kings here, don’t you?

While Matty is obviously a fan, in regards to a collab with MCR, he says he “doesn’t think they’d ever collab.” Sure, it’s hard to imagine such a big band creating new music with anyone, but this doesn’t seem to completely stop Healy. He also adds … Wait for it … “but I don’t see why not.” So it’s really just a matter of MCR showing some interest, right? I think we all know anybody would take the chance to create some music with the legendary band if given the chance. But who else do we really think would be a genius choice? Let’s take a little look, shall we?

1. Yungblud

Yeah, you know it. But let me tell you why this one would just be so good. Besides the endless fanboying that would inevitably come from Yungblud, who’s made it very clear many times that he’s a huge fan of the band, he’s also shown that he can adapt and work with any kind of artist to create something beautiful. Not only would a song from them bless all of our ears and make some of my dreams come true, but it’d sure make some of his, too.

2. Waterparks

I’ll admit, my brain can’t even quite figure out what a collab between Waterparks and My Chemical Romance would sound like. But I think that’s because it can’t handle the pure goodness. With the band’s connection to MCR, having worked with bassist Mikey Way in the past, along with what could be called coincidental tour schedules, it’s been enough to spark fan theories about the two bands having something coming together. Which makes this sound like a bit less of a stretch, don’t you think? I’m not sure about you, but I would love to hear this one.

3. Five Seconds Of Summer

Okay. It’s sort of looking like I’m just putting together a list of MCR fans now. And I suppose I technically am, but hey, more reason these collabs should happen! Aside from the boys getting a blessing from Gerard Way himself back when they were still finding their place in mainstream media, 5SOS‘s song ‘She’s Kinda Hot’ got some extra attention for sounding strangely similar to MCR’s ‘Teenagers.’ So they’ve got the sound down already, let’s take the next step guys!

4. Fall Out Boy

If you’re an MCR fan, then you know them and Fall Out Boy go way back. The two bands have been friends and have been seen hanging out together for years, interacting on social media, all around being a part of each others’ lives for probably almost as long as some of us have been alive. I’d be here all day if I gave you all the stories they have. But I’m sure there are thousands out there who would agree with me when I say Patrick Stump and Gerard Way’s voices would be a masterpiece put together.

5. Panic! At The Disco

Yep. Might as well complete the emo trinity, guys. Ooh, maybe even MCR feat. FOB and P!ATD? Anybody? Talk about dreams come true. While they don’t have quite as much history together as Fall Out Boy does, Panic! At The Disco and My Chemical Romance still go way back, and I think everyone would go crazy over a collab like this. It’s like a match made in emo heaven.

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