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Sweet Releases- Sweetheart Sadness

Sweet Releases- Sweetheart Sadness

Rough week? We’ve got you covered. These Sweet Releases will have you saying goodbye to that weekday stress, and hello to those feel-good vibes. You can thank us later.

So, throw on a face mask and jam out to these killer new tunes; that’s what I like to call self-care.

Benee – ‘Stella & Steve EP’

Do you need a new fave artist, or are you looking for something to add to your playlist? Then look no further. New Zealand native Benee is the girl for you. Her new EP ‘Stella and Steve’ is named after her and her car. The whole ep is one bop after another (Special mention to feel good track ‘Find an Island) and is a genre of its own, somewhere between Pop, R&B and Indie music. Her voice is impeccable and her talent effortless. This EP is definitely the start of something epic for her. She is a star in the making. Just watch her shine!

Left Behind – ‘No One Goes To Heaven’

If dark and heavy metalcore is your thing then Left Behind have something for you in their third album release ‘No One Goes To Heaven.’ The tracks take you inside the mind and headspace of where Zach Hatfield has been and invoke many different kinds of emotions. “All the songs have different meanings, some were inspired by how I’m still recovering from things that happened a couple of years ago with some of the stuff I wrote about on the last album,” He says.

The Man Who – ‘Natural Villain’

The Man Who have created a truly cool track with ‘Natural Villain’ paired with an equally cool music video. The track is catchy and has a chorus you will be singing along to in no time!

Golden Features x The Presets – ‘Raka EP’

Golden Features and The Presets have combined their talents on the new four track EP ‘Raka.’ Raka displays versatility and style from the Australians and will not disappoint your ears! The snares and synths definitely suckered me in on ‘Control’ making it my favourite effort on the collaboration. But the other 3 are incredible also. Literal music to my ears a happy addition to my fave tracks playlist!

Pollyanna – ‘I Promise I’m Lying’

Set for public release on November 18th ‘I Promise, I’m Lying’ by Pollyanna is so good I’m honestly lost for words! Lead vocals are stunning with beautiful harmonies in backing vocals paired with the instrumental of the song I think it is safe to say we can expect a huge bright future for Pollyanna after hearing this well-polished masterpiece.

Azra- ‘Right Here’

Azra displays her effortless and eloquent vocals in ‘Right Here’ beautifully. With a gentle melodic piano in the background, it allows you to truly concentrate on the lyrics and the vulnerability of doing this makes you feel like Azra is next to you telling you her story: “I wrote this song when I was reflecting on very vulnerable times with my music. Since I was a child I always loved to perform music but there were unforeseen challenges throughout the years like a teacher telling me to give up a lead role in elementary school and having to stop performing in college when I had emergency eye surgery for juvenile glaucoma.”

She continues, “However, I realized that all of those challenges actually made me stronger and more resilient to succeed in any tough situation. Just like a tree that weathers the storm, its roots become more embedded in the ground and its bark tougher. I wanted to give this music video an intimate feel because this song is close to my heart. I hope this song can empower others who are going through trying times.” And empower it certainly does- listen when you need strength or an emotional lift!

Kyle Ekstrom – ‘Sad Girls’

Kyle Ekstrom has made something amazing with what he has created with ‘Sad Girls,’ letting us know we are not alone in our struggles and can get through anything tough sent our way! Vocally superior and a truly heartwarming listen and the video is pretty darn awesome too!

Magic Giant – ‘Disaster Party’

Magic Giant are certainly shaking things up with the track ‘Disaster Party’ a song anthemic in its style and grace. The track tells us a bit about the band, and the band themselves recall that “the band was out in the valley recording at a studio that almost got consumed by flames. The neighborhood got together and created their own mini force and fought the fire themselves when needed. […] When everyone was gathered at the center before evacuation, it was the first time some neighbors who absolutely lived within a few houses of each other for years ever shared a word. The energy in the air wasn’t static. It was electric. For the first time it was not a neighborhood but a community. That kind of meeting, those real words exchanged, are a Disaster Party.”

Knowing that gives me a whole new level of appreciation and respect for this song, despite loving it already! This one is sure to give you the chills!

Fight Club – Recreational Love

Flight Club take you to the roots of true rock-n-roll with the album ‘Recreational Love’ and we’re living for it! While making their own unique mark on the genre, they still manage to take you back to the era of what rock was all about. a few standout tracks for me have to be ‘All Hell’ and ‘Yours!’ Have a listen and let us know what yours are!

Anna Sofia – ‘No Fun’

‘No Fun’ is sure to be a great addition to Anna Sofia’s upcoming EP, Self Aware Bitch. Despite the upbeat, and dare I say fun, sound of the track, the lyrics were actually written after a pretty unfortunate event for Anna. In the lyric “broke a window and a heart or two,” Anna recalls a birthday party in which someone broke a window, and she was left to pick up the pieces, literally. Despite this, this track is anything but no fun.

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Convey – City Of Skin And Bone

‘City Of Skin And Bone’ by Convey is one hell of a rock album! With pristine vocals paired with a true rock band, if rock flows through you this is a band you need to stan! Seriously! Standout tracks for me have to be ‘Devour,’ as lyrically, it envelops you. ‘Terror’ is just mind-blowing, and the drums are everything! I could sit here and talk about this album all day, but I really think this is one you just need to listen to for yourself!

Maja Kristina – ‘Idiot’

I know, I know, we’ve already brought up ‘Idiot,’ in previous installments but we truly just can’t get enough! Especially now that she’s dropped an accompanying music video for the track!

Maja Kristina certainly outdid herself with her new music video of ‘Idiot.’ The visuals pair gorgeously with the emotional vocals. As a relationship breaks down in front of her Maja packs a punch with her hard-hitting lyrics and emotional delivery. Certainly not one you want to miss!

Other notable releases this week

Well, there you have it! We’ve compiled your newest playlist of your favorite songs! Again, you can totally thank us later.

What do you think of these Sweet Releases? Do you have a song you think should be added to our list? Let us know down in the comments, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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