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Hey Violet Are Treating us AGAIN With Their New Stripped Performance of ‘Clean’

Hey Violet Are Treating us AGAIN With Their New Stripped Performance of ‘Clean’

Well, we Ultraviolets are truly getting fed (and clean) lately. Hey Violet released the single, dropped the music video, stripped the song back and now we have a performance of ‘Clean’ which is truly everything. Everyone say “thank you, Hey Violet!”

Hey Violet
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The once-post-breakup-anthem has been turned into a solemn realization of the aftermath from a toxic relationship and we’re really delving into soft sad hours right now. However, in true Hey Violet style, we’re given the vintage psychedelic aesthetics which are a total treat to the eyes.

The entire thing is a total 180 of the original track and proof that Hey Violet are no one-trick pony, capable of pulling off a plethora of genres.

“This stripped performance video was so fun to shoot”, says Rena in a recent statement. “We filmed the entire video in our home studio in the valley. Nia, Casey, and I actually went to the craft store and got candles, feather boas and whatnot to help with the art direction. It really came alive with the lighting.”

While Hey Violet have yet to confirm their sophomore album, we’ve had a great year getting to see them back and better than ever as they experimented with four new songs throughout 2019. Speaking to Zach Sang recently, they explained that their single ‘Close My Eyes’ was inspired by Rena’s draft tweets from a while ago when she was into someone in and casually seeing them.

“There was someone who inspired it. It was a long time ago. I remember thinking about him a lot and I currently don’t, but when I was trying to write this song, I was going through my draft tweets – which is a dangerous place, guys.”

Maybe they’re more helpful than you think, Rena, if they’re going to lead to certified bops!

“I have some that are from like 2014/15/16 and I remember finding one that alluded to like just that past relationship, you know, missing someone, stuff like that,” she added.

Hey Violet
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‘Clean’ is available now.

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