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Interview: We Chatted With Our New Spirit Animal(s)

Interview: We Chatted With Our New Spirit Animal(s)

Looking for a new Spirit Animal? Look no further! We interviewed Spirit Animal, who just completed touring with Theory Of A Deadman, so you know they’re legit! We learned all about the band, and we are excited for you to as well!

Let’s start with a fun one! What would you say is each of your spirit animals?

There is no each. There is only us: a ten-point buck.

What inspired the song ‘Arm Candy?’ Does it come from personal experience, maybe things you’ve seen around you? Have YOU ever been arm candy?

We were in LA, making a major label record in peoples’ huge houses and studios overlooking the city. Our significant others were back home working. Yeah, it came from personal experience ;).

We hear you wrote a couple of songs where Tenacious D rehearsed, what was it like creating some of your own music where such a notable band did the same? Was it inspiring in any way?

It was definitely inspiring. We wrote ‘Karma’ and ‘Survival’ in that room with a couple writers and producers whose work we admired. There was a huge Jesus painting on the wall that Dave Navarro made. We rented a giant gold Suburban XL. Everything was larger than life.

Sounds rather lavish! We are aware of your continued activism across multiple causes that are front and center addressing issues we see in U.S. culture.  What is your view of a band’s responsibility to take a public stand as you’ve done?

Honestly, musicians are not typically very good at taking a stand. They don’t have balls and just want to be liked. I think Americans have this fantasy about the 70s: Bob Dylan and Joni Mitchell singing anti-war songs and taking on the man. That was an amazing moment in time, but it’s not the norm and most “political music” isn’t very good. It’s more important to stand for something in your every move, to live it and breathe it, for people to see that outside of your records. Most of the things people think are risky or confrontational now are super basic.

Opposing Trump isn’t activism, that’s just common sense. We made a decision to not use social media to just bitch and moan about what’s going on. Instead, we try to really understand the issues, to be hyper aware of how things like entrenched power impact people, to promote and show up at lower profile rallies and actions, and to highlight solutions as well as other members of the community doing the real work of change so that even if only one person learns something new or takes action from a post, it matters. Being pissed off is not the same thing as making a difference. 

Agreed! Cal, since you like to write in the bathroom, is there anything you typically take in there with you that you wouldn’t normally find in one?

Just me and my phone! Pretty standard stuff, I guess, haha. I usually go into the bathroom to get away from the din of the studio. A bunch of people humming and noodling their way thru a writing session can be distracting, so I like to lock myself in the bathroom to get a little quiet and solitude.

Put your playlist on shuffle and list 5 songs. You have to keep 2 and delete 3. Which ones are getting deleted?

Our public playlist has a 2000-song archive, so I’m not sure this exercise is manageable, lol. Kendrick Lamar is the most important living musician.

Understandable! Since you also host a sports podcast, would you consider something more in the sports or presenting industries if Spirit Animal wasn’t a thing?

After every episode, Cal and I look at each other and talk about how much fun we had. It’s a whole different kind of challenge. Becoming influential enough that SportsCenter has you as a guest commentator is absolutely a dream of ours. I played basketball in college so I feel irrationally qualified. But let me tell you: editing podcasts is a giant pain the ass. Very un-glamorous!

We’ll take your word for it! When playing live what is your favorite track to perform?

We probably all have different ones and it changes over time. Right now “HYDR8” is amazing because lots of folks at shows haven’t heard it and you can see their faces light up and their bodies start to rock. It’s almost like they can’t believe they’re dancing at a rock concert.

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What can we expect from Spirit Animal as we head into 2020 and throughout the entirety of the new year?

Another ‘Painkiller’ remix. Maybe a ‘Painkiller’ acoustic recording. Some killer live video footage from the tour we just finished. 

We can’t wait to hear the new renditions on ‘Painkiller!’ Last but certainly not least! What is one thing you want new listeners to know about Spirit Animal as a band?

We love our fans.

Damn straight! We hope you enjoyed getting to know Spirit Animal just as much as we did!

Be sure to check out their new album, Reborn Yesterday here, or catch them on tour!

To learn more about Spirit Animal:
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