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7 Times Lewis Capaldi Somehow Forgot He Was a Global Superstar

7 Times Lewis Capaldi Somehow Forgot He Was a Global Superstar

Lewis Capaldi

It’s been a wild year for Lewis Capaldi. His single ‘Someone You Loved’ has charted in over 29 countries, giving him a major hit all over Europe, Asia and Australia and earning him a seven-week run at number one on the UK singles chart before later reaching number one on Billboard’s Hot 100 (at the time of writing this, the song is in its third week at the top spot). His debut album ‘Divinely Uninspired to a Hellish Extent’ became the best selling album in the UK in five years, spending five weeks at number one in its first six weeks of release and earning gold status only two weeks after release.

Lewis Capaldi
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He’s traveled the world and won the hearts of nations with his humble yet hilarious outlook on life and racking up the follows on social media for his cheeky comedic stance. But with all of that, a year isn’t very long and at the speed time seems to be passing by lately, it’s been a bit of a whirlwind for self-dubbed America’s Sweetheart. Lewis grew up a normal lad in Glasgow, Scotland and is enriched in modern-day Scottish culture (see Scottish Patter for examples) so to take him from down the pub on a Saturday night and throwing him in the world of fame and fortune is a bit of a culture shock and takes getting used to. Here are 7 times Lewis Capaldi totally forgot he was a global superstar…

When he forgot that people would equally want to hug him as much as Niall Horan

In a friendship test for Glamour, Lewis and best pal Niall Horan had to hug for one minute straight. After the minute was up, Lewis was quick to make the statement: “do you know what’s mad, though? See, when you think about how there’s people on this Earth f**king kill me to do this to Niall Horan.” Umm, there’s also people who are deadass willing to do the same thing for you, Lewis, but you probably haven’t come to terms with it yet.

When he told us about the dirty work his mother has to do

When Lewis was chatting to Kiss radio, he was discussing the fact that despite his stance on current radio charts, he does in fact live with his mother. Who still does his washing. And it’s not a pretty job. But he was so open to chatting about dirty underwear and it’s not typically the kind of thing you expect from a global superstar is it? But we love the humbleness of it all none the less. #PrayForCarol

When he announced his attempt to become a TikTok Star

In one of his earlier uploads, Lewis Capaldi vowed he was going to be the biggest TikTok star. One problem Lewis, you’re already a star. So you’re already going to be big on TikTok. Mission accomplished before you even finish clicking “post”.

That plunger incident

Lewis, you’re so famous that the makeup artist probably knew about the scenario before even getting in her Uber to come doll you up. Maybe he forgot just how many people religiously watch his iconic Instagram stories…

When he first had a taste of his American success

After flying out to America for his sold-out tour earlier this year, Lewis shared a heart-warming story about the exchange with a passport control agent. Though many people on Lewis’ level of fame are probably not phased by it, you could see he was utterly gobsmacked. Note how he says his song is number 11 on the charts and yet didn’t think he’d get recognized. Out of the hot 100, that’s a pretty notable place to kickstart your career in America, Lewis. Of course you’re going to get noticed! However, it seems like he was quickly reminded as he comically gets cocky (for strict banter purposes) and takes on the role of ‘America’s Sweetheart’.

When an interview he gave had to be cut by 15 minutes thanks to his sh*tty humor…literally

Lewis Capaldi
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Lewis Capaldi is not one to shy away from toilet talk and recently BBC Radio 1 DJ Arelle Free revealed that her interview with him had to get cut because of it. During a chat with The Scottish Beyoncé on her ‘Weekend Early Breakfast Show’, Arelle joined the fellow Scot in joking about jobbies (the Scottish slang for poo). “We did this interview and they had to cut out 15 minutes of it because it was pure filth,” she explained.

“We talked about poos and jobbies. I introduced Lewis to the term ‘thunderjobby’ and he couldn’t believe it. I feel I’ve done something really good in my life because I’ve educated Lewis Capaldi on what a thunderjobby is.”

Well, guess that Lewis and Arelle totally forgot their careers for the moment and totally got on like a house on fire! How we wish we could relate.

When he decided to become a Mukbang king instead

In another of his many iconic Instagram stories, Lewis Capaldi becomes the most relatable person of all time as he stuffs his face and wallows in the sorrow of single life while watching a couple on TV fall in love. But while that’s very much a long-term reality for a lot of us, Lewis is, in fact, a Tinder Gold member and also working with them right now on a campaign, so it’s not like people aren’t super liking him 24/7. He’s gonna get snapped up in no time. But ‘Before You Go’, Lewis, leave us some leftovers so we can continue our mukbang and cry.

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Maybe it’s a good thing Lewis Capaldi forgets how famous he is because he’s still acting so painfully relatable and we cannot get enough of it.

Lewis Capaldi
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Which iconic Lewis Capaldi moment is your favorite? Have you started stanning him? Let us know in the comments below or by tweeting us @TheHoneyPOP!

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