Taylor Swift to Perform at the American Music Awards

Taylor Swift to Perform at the American Music Awards

Within the past week, Taylor Swift’s name has been plastered all over social media.

For good reason too!

For one she is being CROWNED with Artist of the Decade. Can you believe it has been almost 12 years since ‘You Belong With Me’?

Here comes Big Machine

Secondly, Her old record label, Big machine, has been holding her music hostage. But momma Taylor takes no survivors.

After being publicly shamed by the queen herself, the world seemed to hop on board with defending Taylor against her ex-record label and even trending the hashtag #IStandWIthTaylor.

Big Machine has since come forward and released their own statement saying that no one ever told Taylor that she could not perform her old songs at the American Music Awards. (Sounds a lot like a cover-up if you ask me).

They claim that performing a mix of her old songs and new songs from her new album ‘Lover’ at the AMAs is equal to her re-recording her earlier iconic albums, which she is not allowed to do until 2020.

Since this statement, plenty of fans across social media have been putting up one heck of a fight. Right on, stan Twitter!

The record label has come to terms producing a licensing agreement with Dick Clark Productions.

Does that mean Taylor is able to perform at the American Music Awards?

Yes! This means exactly what you’re thinking! Taylor Swift goddess of our decade will be able to perform her songs at the AMA’s!

However, Taylor nor her team have confirmed if she will be performing yet, but we all have our fingers crossed here at The Honey Pop!

Do you think Taylor will decide to perform at the American Music Awards? Be sure to let us know by tweeting us at @thehoneypop or visiting us on Facebook.

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Header Image: Taylor Swift on Twitter

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