Watch Out Internet, The Weeknd is On the Way and We’re Ready for Music.

Watch Out Internet, The Weeknd is On the Way and We’re Ready for Music.

The Weeknd is back, baby! We sure have missed having his sexy tunes blaring in our car, earpods, and … other places. His Instagram suddenly returned after his disappearance from the platform in June. The rumor is music is on the way. (Yes please!)

Strange enough, hours after reactivating, the star again deactivated.

Don’t Fret!

We have a theory here at HoneyPop. The Weeknd is about to break the internet. Yeah, you heard us, and it’s no ‘False Alarm.’

Because The Weeknd hasn’t been on Instagram for five months, fans have had to follow along with the singer on his Twitter. His latest post has all of us on the edge of our seats.

Okay but it’s just a tweet about when Fall is over right? Wrong! Well, maybe. In 2017 his album Starboy dropped in November, and now his Twitter reactivates and then deactivates again? Not to mention there are only five Fridays left until Christmas. Fall is over! We are craving some Weeknd vibes.

We aren’t the only ones itching for new music.

The Weeknd is Coming for us.

The star will also be debuting alongside Adam Sandler in the new upcoming movie Uncut Gems . Maybe we’ll be getting a single to accompany his first movie moment!

What do you think? Are you excited to see The Weekend take the screen? Either way we are excited to see some new art from him! Let us know what you think on Twitter at @TheHoneyPop

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Featured Image Source: Billboard Japan

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Gabbi Van Valkenburg

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