12 Reasons Taylor Swift is Worthy of Artist of the Decade

It’s no surprise to us that Taylor Swift is the person to be receiving artist of the decade this Sunday at the American Music Awards. I mean, who else would we choose?

That being said, lets look over 12 reasons we believe Taylor is our Artists of the Decade!

1 . Her Relatable Catchy Songs

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Admit it, her songs may be about breakups and boys, but we can’t help but bop along. The words she belts into the microphone are nothing less than true. ‘And all we are is skin and bone, trained to get along, forever going with the flow…’ ugh. If only we were as poetic!

2 . Secret Sessions

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As many fans know, before a new album releases, Taylor invites a bunch of fans from social media to her house to listen to the album earlier than anyone else. To her house! Truly one of our ‘Wildest Dreams.’ The trust she has with her fans and vice versa is trust like no other.

3 . Shes Incredibly Charitable

Image Source: Daily Mail UK

On her days off Taylor pops in to children’s hospitals to visit some very deserving fans. These fans range all ages but still act the same when they realize that its the Taylor Swift walking through their door. Taylor also donates without question to people and animals in need.

4 . She Used Her Platform as an Advocate For Sexual Assault Awareness

Image Source: Time

We all remember the news of Dj David Mueller. Taylor bravely came forward after a small photo shoot with the DJ where she accused him of groping her. Mueller even sued her for defamation of character, which she counter-sued for only $1. After the jury ruled in Taylor’s favor, she donated to sexual assault survivors to encourage people to keep their heads up.

5 . She Makes People Feel Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Image Source: Perez Hilton

Just like the rest of us, Taylor has gone through her own awkward phase. You know the one. Even today she embraces her awkwardness and uses it to share her learning experiences with her fans. You can make fun of her all you want, but that only makes her want to ‘shake it off’ even more!

6 . She Values Her Family More Than Anything

Image Source: Yahoo Entertainment!

Taylor and her mom, Andrea Swift, seem to be best friends! It’s a relationship we all dream for and we are so heart warmed by their love for one another. Serious heart eyes. She even dedicated the song ‘The Best Day‘ to her mom. Are you crying? Yeah, us too.

7 . Shes Down to Earth

Despite becoming popular for her music 14 years ago, Taylor has since stayed extremely humble. With each award she has won, issue shes faced, and arena she’s played ,she is still shocked to be a part of it all.

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8 . The Itty Bitty Kitty Committee

Image Source: Fanpop

We all may love cats, but Taylor Swift loves cats. Her unconditional love for Meredith, Olivia, and the newest addition Benjamin is shared by Swifties all alike. I mean have you seen them? Those are really Americas sweethearts. Not to mention her cats are named after the best characters to date. Meredith Grey from Grey’s Anatomy, and Olivia Benson from Law and Order, and finally Benjamin Button from The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

9 . Her Dancing

So what? Taylor may not dance as well some of the dads we saw dancing to Harry Styles. That’s okay! We still love the way she gets down with it! I’m sure we look the same way here. Or at least I do …

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10 . The Fans

Image Source: Affy Thoughts

Of course the fans have a giant part in the fact that Taylor is receiving the Artist of the Decade. After all, she has been awarded multiple times through multiple platforms for the things that she has done. However, that wouldn’t have happened without the Swifties out there! You guys are killing it! Swifties range from little babies all the way to other established artists such as Halsey, and we couldn’t love that friendship more!

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11 . The Awards

Taylor has been nominated and awarded with tons of awards over the years. this includes 10 Grammy’s plus the three more that she’s nominated for this year. In all, she has over 300 nominations for awards and 70+ combined awards. The woman is swimming in trophies!

12 . Her Endless Support Towards Other Artists

Image source: Elle

Finally, Taylor has proved herself to be selfless time and time again. As Kesha Struggled with her battle with Dr. Luke, Taylor donated $250,00 dollars to Kesha in order to help with legal fees. After the terrorist attack on Manchester Arena, Taylor lent her private jet to Ariana Grande so that she could fly in peace and get home as quickly as she could.

Taylor has proved herself Artist of the Decade even before AMA’s. We love Taylor and all that she represents. We wish her nothing but the best of luck at this years American Music Awards!

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