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10 Times Kristen Bell Was Actually Princess Anna

10 Times Kristen Bell Was Actually Princess Anna

For the first time in forever we are getting excited to head back to Arendelle to catch up with our favorite Snow Queen and her quirky little sister. It’s been nearly seven years since we’ve gotten a new Frozen movie (seriously, it’s been that long) but luckily we weren’t really left out in the cold all alone. In those years we still had Kristen Bell, voice of Princess Anna, to keep the spirit alive. Because, turns out, Kristen and Anna really aren’t that different from each other.

Let’s talk about 10 times Kristen Bell was actually Princess Anna of Arendelle

1. She is extremely animated

Okay okay, we KNOW that Anna is an animated character. But Kristen Bell is not. Seriously. She’s a real human. We can’t really believe it either. Turns out she really is just that adorable.

2. She cares so much for the well being of others

Kristen and her hubby Dax started their own baby product line because they wanted everyone to be able to buy top quality products at an extremely reasonable price. We all know Anna wants what’s best for her people, and it’s obvious Kristen wants the best for everyone too.

3. She goes out of her way to help people, even if it puts her in danger

We all know Anna went to save her big sister when Arendelle was covered in a deep, deep snow. She had no idea how dangerous the trip would be, but she did it anyway to save her sister and town. We could say the same for our girl KBell. However, she just ate a piece of candy. Doesn’t sound too dangerous, but it was no easy feat. But to help the Prostate Cancer Foundation, her and Dax ate an EXTREMELY spicy piece of chocolate.

4. She gets VERY excited over things

We know that Anna gets excited very easily, but that can hardly compare to Kristen Bell when she knows she is in the same room as a sloth. We promise she’s okay, just excited.

5. She’s always down for a party in Arendelle

We all remember Princess Anna’s excitement when she found out that the gates were opening and people were being let into the castle. And just like Anna, Kristen Bell is ready for a party. She’s got decorations, food, a dance party and the perfect drinks for any mom.

6. She always says exactly what’s on her mind

One of our favorite things about Kristen is that she will always speak her mind. She has very little filter, just like Anna when introducing herself to Hans. And when she’s talking to Kristoff. And really every other part of the movie. But really, what’s more relatable than that?

7. She fell for the bad boy

She might have met Dax when he was still a bad boy, but lucky for her, he changed his ways and fell for her just as hard. Anna might not have had the same fate, but she ends up with the right guy in the end and that’s all that matters.

8. Her love for everyone and everything is so strong

Photo: Kristen Bell shared on CBS Sunday Morning

These two haven’t been married that long, considering the amount of time they’re been together. But that doesn’t mean weren’t madly in love. In fact, these two are so full of love they refused to get married until EVERYONE had the right to get married. Once that was allowed they went down to the Beverly Hills Courthouse and said their vows.

9. Okay but what about when she was Queen Elsa?

KBell might have dressed as Queen Elsa, but honestly, what’s more Anna than going out of your way to make your family happy? She might not have been grinning and bearing it in this pic, but she has admitted that she loved dressing up as the Snow Queen with her daughter for Halloween!

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10. But don’t worry, there was that one time she literally was Princess Anna

Thanks to James Corden, we got to see Kristen Bell dressed as Princess Anna and even perform some of the songs from the movies! We never thought the day would come where we got to see go her from animation to irl. Hopefully, you’ll get to see her perform on a crosswalk near you one day.

So, what do you think? Is Kristen the total living embodiment of Princess Anna or what? Comment below or tweet us over @TheHoneyPop and let us know!

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Featured Image: Kristen Bell taken by Christopher Polk/Getty Images; Princess Anna by Walt Disney Animation Studios/Disney; Edit by Ibby Morris

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