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November 22nd…You Mean Kihyun Day!

November 22nd…You Mean Kihyun Day!

Yes everyone that is correct, today is Kihyun day! We are so excited every time November 22nd rolls around. Why is that? It is because it is the talented Yoo Kihyun’s birthday! Kihyun is the lead vocalist of K-pop band Monsta X, so it was only right of us to wish Kihyun the happiest of b-days!

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Fans from all over the world were celebrating Kihyun with special messages and by trending #HBDtoKihyun worldwide on twitter! Not only fans, but other members of his group and his record label were also joining in on the celebration of Kihyun. Can you believe that he is already 26 years of age? Time really flies by when you are busy conquering the world with killer vocals and immense overall talent.

The members of Monsta X showing their love for Kihyun!

Each and every year the members of the band always leave special notes and post cute pictures of the birthday boy up on their social media accounts. The special messages never fail to leave a huge smile on our faces!

Since Kihyun lives in Korea his birthday has already passed, so he already sent out a special message thanking his fans (monbebes), how sweet!

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It is a shame that November 22nd only comes around once a year. Good thing Kihyun is very active on social media so we can see that happy smiling face as much as possible, and not just on his birthday! If you haven’t already, make sure to go give Kihyun some love!

Did you say happy birthday to the king of vocals yet? Do you have a special message planned for him? Let us know your message in the comments or talk to us at @TheHoneyPop!

To learn more about Kihyun:
Twitter | Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

Featured Image Source: Daily Monsta X

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