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Holiday Netflix Movies You Can’t Miss Out On

Holiday Netflix Movies You Can’t Miss Out On

Grab your cocoa, sit back, and relax for awhile. Christmas has been here since October, but if you’re not yet into your holiday feels, these holiday Netflix movies are sure to get you into holiday spirit!

Throwback Comedies

Unaccompanied Minors? Haven’t heard that name in ages! These kids are no Peaky Blinders, but they certainly make trouble for the law. No doubt this movie’s heroes keep the lone security guard busy while snowed in at an airport for the holidays. The film stars some not-so familiar faces, Walking Dead actor Tyler James Williams, Rob Riggle, B.J. Novak, others and a Gary Busy lookalike. This movie has slipped under the radar but returned to Netflix in high fashion. Cozy up and enjoy this throwback to the past when times were simpler and we all had more fun as kids.

Let’s take a moment to appreciate how understandable the Grinch can be the older we get. Living in the mountains with a dog and no people for miles around sounds pretty perfect. Netflix jumped at this opportunity and provided viewers with–not one!–but two whole Grinch movies. For those who wish to reminisce in a different style, check out the 2018 animated remake featuring Doctor Stra–Benedict Cumberbatch. Those in favor of a bolder, slap-stick comedy featuring the part time God–Jim Carrey–check out the year 2000 live action remake. Both are great for a family night in.


And if you haven’t gotten enough of holiday remakes, the critically acclaimed animated Klaus is a visually stunning origin story of our white bearded, booming voiced and slightly overweight Santa Claus. This heartwarming movie is perfect for younger audiences who can’t get their hands on Polar Express or Elf.


Bangers and mash, it’s a holiday smash! The British TV original Christmas Survival is anything but ordinary. This over-the-top movie is sure to give a mature audience a laugh with innuendos, subtle cracks and an overwhelming tale of how the holidays can always go wrong and yet so right in the end.

Go on now, enjoy these Christmas movies while you can. Come January 1st, we all know trees will hit the street curbs and lights will come down. Have a few laughs, maybe a teary-eyed smile. Enjoy these holidays; Christmas only comes once a year. Soon a new year will begin and our next brush through a winter wonderland will be down the road, something to look forward to on a warm summer day or the beginning of a chilly Fall.

Happy Holidays!

What movies are in your regular rotation? Let us know by dropping us a comment, or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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