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The Final Shane Dawson Episode Leaves Us Hungry For More!

The Final Shane Dawson Episode Leaves Us Hungry For More!

Can you believe that the last episode of ‘The Beautiful World Of Jeffree Star‘ by Shane Dawson has been aired? I can’t either!

Even as a viewer it has been a whirlwind to witness despite taking a year to film and produce. From the start, we have been taken along on the ride of the process of creating the ShaneXJeffree collaboration, all the way to its release and being the highest sought after online product ever!

The episode began with some cold tea. Mainly because a lot of people wanted Shane to address Dramageddon 2. I like that this was included but kept short and sweet. We didn’t need to see old wounds re-opened and I feel that showing Shane’s, Ryland’s and Jeffree’s reactions were handled well and tastefully.

We were then allowed to be a fly on the wall for the launch and see the drama when Shane literally broke the internet. If, like me, you were queuing for the palette on the day of the launch you will know how crazy that was.

The part where Shopify ask if they can refresh the site making fans that are queuing for their products lose their spot in line was great to see.

We saw a usually passive and sweet Shane break through his insecure barriers and take a stand, telling them in no uncertain terms that they were not to boot people out of the site that had been graciously and patiently waiting.

This has been a series where we have been able to witness Shane’s growth as a person. We have been allowed to see how he becomes a businessman under Jeffree’s mentorship and see another side of the beauty industry we never thought we would have access to.

It has been heartwarming to watch their friendship bonds become even stronger throughout this and share their success and record breaking numbers that the palette made.

1.1 million units were sold and that is just counting the Conspiracy and Mini-Controversy palettes! How incredible and insane is that!

A lot of people have criticized Shane Dawson saying it was naive of him to think this would not be successful. He reminds us though in this episode that he launched a sunglasses collection in the past, along with a movie he worked on tirelessly — and numbers wise, neither did well. Knowing this I can understand why he had such doubts.

When ‘The End’ popped up it was sad to come to the realization that this series is over.

However, added to the end was the remix of the Mini Controversy palette — the addition of the insane shimmer green shade that SO many of us wanted.

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Aptly named ‘Put It Back,’ I am sure when the restock drops , that with the addition of this shade, we will witness another sell out, with all the other products following suit.

So many people missed out on the launch and people will still be wanting this in the predicted March & May 2020 restocks.

What did you think of this series? Do you want more? Are there things that were not addressed or you think were not given enough detail? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop!

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