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5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Adam Lambert

5 Reasons Why … You Should Stan Adam Lambert

Adam Lambert, the wonderfully flamboyant singer has taken us on a journey throughout his career. From Glee to Queen we traveled through time on an exhibition we wish could continue on forever.

But, what is there to love? And why? Here at THP, we’ve listed five reasons (that every Glambert could easily add to) to stan Adam Lambert.

1 . He Will Rock You

Not that anyone could ever replace our favorite Queen front man, but we will make an exception for Adam. After all, Brian May himself said that the chemistry was explosive between the band and Madam Lambert (Stop! We can’t!). We love how he puts his own spin on the songs, he knows who he is and is well aware that there is no need to pretend to be someone else.

Image Source: Louder Sound

2 . He Is an Inspiration To The LGBTQ+ Community

Adam has never felt closeted, so in theory, there was no reason for him to exit the closet. While on American Idol, he kept his sexuality to himself but not to hide it. He wanted that factor of his life to be kept to himself in order to keep it from upstaging him. Our favorite performer of the eighth season focused on his abilities to sing and entertain, instead of letting people zoom in on the fact that he is gay. He encourages those who are questioning to experiment and learn without guilt. Could we ask for a more amazing idol?

Image Source: Adam Lambert Obsession

3 . His Gentle Heart

Adam has shown up to schools to surprise children, met with teenagers for Make-A-Wish, and even worked to help raise money for multiple charities. It is apparent through the many people that have met him, he makes people feel at ease just by being him. My heart could melt!

Image Source: Make-A-Wish

4 . His Music Makes Us Want To Dance

Does this one even need an explanation? Even on the lowest of low days, when If I Had You Comes On, we cant help it but to tap our feet along to it. What can we say, he’s contagious! Not to mention the passion he released with his new single Closer To You. Chills… Just chills…

5 . The Outfits… Duh

Let me tell you, if i had the confidence to wear what he wears… I could rule the world. But i guess that says something about the both of us huh? His confidence shines through his clothing palette, and we wouldn’t change it for anything! The glitter, eyeliner, and exuberant choices help us put ourselves out there more and more everyday. I mean if he can put himself out there in front of the world, why cant we? At the end of the day if you’re ever embarrassed about wearing an outfit out … Don’t be, because we know that Adam would be proud of you.

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 What reasons do you have for loving Adam? Let’s discuss on Facebook! Do you have any outfits inspired by Adam? Show us on twitter! You can find us at @TheHoneyPop

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