Louis Is Back With Another Bop!

Louis Is Back With Another Bop!

Louis is back with another track that we are simply in love with! The song is called ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ from his highly anticipated forthcoming album ‘Walls.’

With the relatable message ‘Whatever tears you apart, don’t let it break your heart,’ it is a truly empowering song that has the ability to provide you with strength and comfort when you need it.

The song was released on Saturday November 23rd, and will feature on ‘Walls,’ making us even more excited for what to expect from his other music featuring on the new album!

Speaking about ‘Walls’ with the Billboard Pop Shop Podcast, Louis said “Without getting too deep… I think just honesty. I mean the lyrics, naturally, my style, are quite autobiographical anyway. I’m always trying to humanize myself as much as possible and make myself relatable to fans, and I think with honesty, you can do that, you know what I mean?”

‘Walls’ is set for release January 31, 2020, and we’re so excited!

You can listen to ‘Don’t Let It Break Your Heart’ here!

What do you think of the song? Are you even more excited for ‘Walls’ now? Let us know in the comments below or tweet us @TheHoneyPop we would LOVE to hear from you!

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Featured Image Source: Adrianna Casiano/iHeartRadio

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