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Our Favorite Señorita! Camila Cabello Drops New Video For ‘Living Proof’

Our Favorite Señorita! Camila Cabello Drops New Video For ‘Living Proof’

Camila Cabello has finally dropped the music video for her new single ‘Living Proof’ from the highly anticipated album ‘Romance’ which drops on December 6th. We are loving it!

She gave us a little taste of what to expect with her AMA’s performance and her video definitely lived up to our every expectation. She is absolutely divine and we’re not entirely convinced it’s not a fairy tale!

It starts very sensually — almost dream-like with soft colors and a flowery meadow. Camila is seen lying naked and covered in said flowers. But, it quickly transitions into her dancing with a male Shawn Mendes look-a-like.

The video has a very Heaven and Hell vibe to it, the angelic side coming from the softness and sensuality. However the co-ed scenes include lighting changes to a reddish hue and more intensely focus, to give the impression of Hell.

Even though it only dropped yesterday, it already has 2 million views and continues to climb, She has certainly made a aesthetically pleasing video, to match the perfect vocals and stunning lyrics of the song.

As if that wasn’t enough, it has already moved up the charts. Camila Cabello, you are one busy señorita!

Camila’s fans are certainly impressed!

Her fans have been well-fed this week, first with an incredible new music video and then the kind of AMAs performance that you don’t forget. And, they’ve taken to Twitter to talk about it!

She is certainly a princess to her fans and they have been requesting the song be played on all radio stations, and keeping Twitter a buzz with chatter. This isn’t the last we’ve heard of ‘Living Proof.’

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What do you think of the new video? Is it what you thought it would be? DO you love the song? Why not let us know @thehoneypop or in the comments below!

Don’t forget to pre-order ‘Romance’ right here

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